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Gender: Male
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Jul 25, 2017, 12:03 PM
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Philadelphia Eagles fan

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Tough shit Donnie, it's all coming out. How about those super secret servers with your calls to

Putin and other world leaders. Can’t wait until that stuff is released. Literally Trump is the biggest traitor in American History. Unlike Benedict Arnold who was one of our beat generals who felt under appreciated and when he didn’t turn the British viewed him as a traitor as well. Benedict Donald did nothing for our country and once it all comes out he should rot in prison. Trump, if he could have would have been a leader like Idi Amin storing the heads of his enemies in his freezer. Other evil leaders at least had evil motives and evil ideologies. Trump is just an evil bastard with no redeeming qualities.

I tell my righty friends I'm a lib and I don't drink kids blood or want to take away their stuff etc

I confront them and say you have known me for X number of years and do I look or sound like a communist? Then I hit them wit some truths that they find hard to deny by showing how intimately intertwined with government and how they really could not live without all the government intervention in their life. Some examples include food safety, water, air safety, sanitation, snow plowing, and government disaster response. Schools, police protection, a court system to enforce contracts and individual rights from the right to speak to property rights the list is exhaustive. Next time you get in an conversation with your rw creepy uncle hit them with these truths then tell them if they want to live really free without government intervention then put up or shut up and move to Somalia and see how long they last. Tom Hartmann taught me a lot about our relationship to our government and just how much we need and depend on government.

He finally expressed regret but too late for him. Reminds mw Steve Jobs after being diagnosed

with pancreatic cancer, the survivable kind, and he refused traditional treatment until it was too late. In Isaacson’s biography Jobs did express regret for not listening to the docs and friends who pleaded with him to ditch the holistic, mind over matter bullshit that he thought he could cure himself without traditional medicine. I don’t know why. I just thought of that. This radio host, by all accounts, spread lies and disinformation and now is suffering the same fate as Jobs. While I feel sad for Jobs because he really did change the world and could jave done so much more had he lived, Valentine is getting what he deserves.

To the traitors TFG did us a great service by leaving his thriving business to become president. He

Is arguably the biggest failure as a businessman in American history. Listen to what real NY real estate tycoons think of Trump. He pays full price for real estate, the Plaza, then sells it back at a discount price and loses potential millions by making the wrong moves. But he has all the idiots believing otherwise. Business failures and bankruptcies be damned. Everything he touches turns to shit. Casinos, airlines, less well is how he ruined the USFL, boat racing, boxing etc. The list of failures is endless. He was only successful at creating a cult of millions of ignorant, racists, American democracy hating traitors.

Rat F'ers Fox and rw media. Murderous bastards.

What a wonderful story. At 59yo with a wife I met in high school and 4 kids later It's scary to

look back and see how fast time passes. It’s also worrisome that the country we confidently had children in might not be the same country we experienced. I never thought I would worry for my kids futures concerning climate change, income inequality, healthcare, and democracy itself. We just assumed our kids would enjoy the same benefits we had. But I worry about my kids futures even though they are adults one being an orthopedic surgeon, a medical rep, a lawyer, and a nurse. None are married but I would caution all of them that when they do marry having 4 kids may not be a wise decision. Knowing what I know now, if I had to do it over I wouldn’t have 4 kids. The country changed significantly since I started having kids durig the 90’s and not for the better. I hope as a country we can somehow regain the country I grew up in and felt good enough about to confidently bring 4 kids into the world. The next 3 years maybe the most critical in my lifetime. Everything is at stake.

I'm watching The Handmaid's Tale and show about a totalitarian in what used to be the USA but now

rules by a fundamentalist regime that treats women as property of the state. I watched the first season in 2017 and was so disturbed I stopped watching. I mentioned to my wife that in one scene the main character’s wife in the run up to the takeover of society by the religious nuts had to have her husband consent in writing to get her monthly birth control. My wife scoffed at me when I said that I wouldn’t see a law like that enacted in many Republican run states. After running out of thing to watch during the pandemic I resumed watching The Handmaid’s Tale and in a scene one of the Commanders asked one of the Handmaid’s if she knew what the penalty for taking Burt control is and she replies “yes, death by ravaging dogs”. This show is a stark warning of what can easily happen here if the Republican Taliban is not confronted now while we still have a chance to stop them.

As remarkable as all this reporting is I fear that many Americans are numb and

disinterested. I fear outrage fatigue has set in long ago regarding Trump’s traitorous behavior that nothing shocks us anymore. Conversely, I hope that the Republican effort to suppress the votes in Republican state legislatures is fueling real outrage and motivates Democrats to go to extraordinary efforts to vote in both 2022 and 2024. I can trade lack of Trump outrage with outrage by Democrats and Independents at voter suppression efforts that motivates Republicans being voted out of existence.

The strength of our institutions, courts, and governance is what allows

the USA to be the world’s reserve currency and pile on debt. The damage these republicans are undermining over 200 years of work to make America the leader of the free world and the place other countries rely upon to keep world order. So the demise of our country is going to come at the hands of the minority who rule over the majority because of the electoral college and gerrymandering. I guess if we allow it to happen we het what we deserve. Looks like China is poised to overtake us as we allow the Christian fascists and ignorant destroy what once was a great country with great values. Seems fitting that the start of America’s decline primarily began with Reagan and his immoral majority. Is Canada allowing immigration from the USA?

The difference between a lawyer's lie usually doesn't result in someone going to prison or

saddling someone with a criminal record. In a system where a cops testimony is, for the most part, considered inherently credible their lies cause ordinary citizens a tremendous amount of personal damage. Dash and body cams has help to even the playing field but cops often turn off the sound or position their patrol car so as to interfere with the recording leaving the court or jury in a position of having to determine whose version of events is more credible the cops or the accused. In a bench trial most judges overwhelming automatically side with the cops. You have a better shot with a jury but it’s still an uphill battle owing to the credibility jurors place upon a cops testimony.
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