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Pepsidog's Journal
Pepsidog's Journal
February 18, 2019

let's give some credit to these people realizing their mistakes. They should not be talking about

Trump but rather Fox the Dr. Frankenstein of the media who created and keeps the monster alive. If Fox were to turn on Trump he would not last very long. Take away the talking propagandists at Fox and support for him would decline quickly. Trump would panic should Fox decide to turn. The problem is not Trump voters or Trump himself, without Fox Trump is nothing. Fox provides the platform to spew hatred and division and until we figure out how to collectively neutralize Fox, the decline of America will continue. Just look at how Fox ignores any negative news that would affect Trump, Fox is his the platform that not only protects Trump but allows him to launch his hateful and divisive rhetoric. WE NEED TO DEAL WITH THE FOX PROBLEM.

February 15, 2019

It's all a show for Fox, the rw media and his supporters who will eagerly seize upon to argue that

Trump is a man of conviction, who does what he says. His people care little if a particular policy works, or for that matter, hurts them personally. The only thing that is important in rw world is indeed the illusion of strength. Fox has so distorted political, social and economic reality that Trump the strongman standing up to liberal elites is the only narrative they can and want to see. So if Trump passes a tax bill that hurts his supporters and helps the top 1% they can’t and won’t see it like that even though their refund will be smaller. Take healthcare away from them is just fine if Fox and Trump tells his supporters it was the Dems fault, they will be happy to believe it. Up is down, black is white and good is bad in rw reality world. He truly is the Teflon Don to his people who will take the country down with him if it supports the narrative of the swamp being drained, science denied, or moral decay of our society because they have been led to believe it’s the fault of the baby killing, weak, looking for handout socialist left. Fox has created such a divide and distortion of reality that it may take the total collapse of our economy and a period of very difficult times to cleanse the right of belief that liberals are cause of all their pain. A catharsis in the form of a prolonged depression and profound pain and poverty maybe the only thing to shake the stupid out the right.

February 7, 2019

I imagine a lot of people in DC, especially federal judges are just waiting to take these traitors

down. The Fynn sentencing is a good example, Judge Sullivan , it appears, puts country before party and was bursting at the seems to put Flynn in prison. Let’s hope that sentiment is shared by others sitting in judgement of this despicable cadre of criminal and traitors.

February 2, 2019

Franken was set up, offered an apology an ethics investigation and one of our most effective

advocates is now gone, forced out by Dems. There is no excuse for Va. Governor’s past actions, but he has taken responsibility and apologized. So by these 2 standards he should not be forced to resign. There is no perfect candidate, we are all imperfect, there should forgiveness to those who recognize and admit their faults. Not in all cases but in this case we should stand beside him.

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