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Pepsidog's Journal
Pepsidog's Journal
February 12, 2018

Barack and Michelle Obamas portraits unveiled. Different I would say but not really my taste.

Art is definitely in the eye of the beholder. While I really don’t care for Michelle’s portrait, I would like to know what message the Artist was trying to convey. That is my personal opinion, and I am no one to criticize the artist. It looks washed out. Barack’s a little better but kind of strange with flowers. Just looking for the artists interpretation and message their art conveyed. I do know that it was so nice to see Barack and Michelle who are the definition of class and dign

February 10, 2018

Rachel Brand of DOJ,next in line under Rosenstein resigns after 9 months on the job to work for

Walmart. Next in line Noel John Francisco a lawyer who worked with Don MacGahn, represented Bush along with Ted Cruz and John Roberts before the SC which gave Bush the presidency. Brand has incredible credentials but why did Walmart have to have her now after only 9 months at DOJ? Walmart got their tax cut now pay Trump back by making Brand an offer she couldn’t refuse and paving the way for Trump to fire Rosenstein in have Francisco interefere with Mueller. Maddow was practically in tears and I want to vomit. Apparently, Ivanka is very close friends with Walmart execs.

February 2, 2018

Historians have theorized that a democracy could fall within a year while under attack.

For the past year our country and democratic institutions have been under the sustained and unrelenting attack from a tyrant aided and abetted by a right wing controlled congress and a media empire with vast resources. So far only the Judicial branch has opposed the Tyrant but how long will that last? Good people, when the time comes must unite and take a stand for justice and the rule of law. It must be so, for if it is not, chaos and lawlessness will prevail. Recall what some prominent historians have said, it takes about a year of undermining our institutions before rot starts to take hold and threatens a democracy. Should Trump and the republicans succeed in their continued pursuit of destroying democratic norms and long held established rules of governing, then why should anyone, any group or any state feel constrained by the rule of law? Will the Supreme Court when it is called upon to act abdicate its role as a check on the other 2 braches of government in favor of a Tyrant or will they shed their political leanings and restore the rule of law and save the Republic? I fear that these questions will soon need to be answered and we will indeed see if our country is strong enough to repel the forces of a Tyrant, a cuckolded legislature and a media empire bent on destroying the once sacred goodness and morality of a nation and its people.

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