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Pepsidog's Journal
Pepsidog's Journal
December 21, 2018

Yellow belly coward. Impeachment to good.Bastard needs to pay, not be sent to live out his days

playing golf. He needs to be humiliated, perp walked out of the White House. Jr. Jared, Eric and Ivanka need to be prosecuted. His wealth needs to be forfeited as ill-gotten gains. The tub of lard needs to be deprived of KFC and McDonalds. When he appears in court he should be deprived of his hair products, makeup and tanning beds so the world can see what a truly freaky creature he is. Now I just got a notification that RBH had surgery so it is all the more important that we on the left start putting heat I The Trump enablers like Fox. No Murdoch should walk the streets or eat at a restaurant in peace. No violence but let them know erbally how much they have harmed and divided the country. For that matter, Bo Fox host should live in peace. Picket their homes, places of work. We are in a crisis yet the country seems to be in a a slumber, paralyzed by division and apathy. We are in real trouble.

November 18, 2018

It's gonna take a Long time to get this done unless we get a Teddy Roosevelt type of personality.

Imagine a president with Obama’s brains and Trump’s balls or Pelosi’s ovaries. Trump could have been a transformational president. Imagine Trump as a progressive. Without a cent of political ideology to back him up, conservatives were fortunate to have such an ignorant, misinformed, dumb-ass for a candidate. I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence. if Trump ran as a Democrat and won, oh boy, what we could have gotten done. We could have wiped out the conservatives for good and transformed our political, social and legal institutions to make a truly great nation. We are already starting to see Trump suck up to Dems. When he sees the favorable press he gets he will suck up even more to Dems. What does he care about the country? The words Trump and Patriot are not synonymous. He is out for himself and oh how Dems could have used that if he was our ignorant, misinformed, dumb-ass candidate.

November 18, 2018

I was 18 in 1980 and voted for Reagan. I loved his small govt less regulation agenda. I loved his t

tough talk against the Soviet Union. But like I said, I was an 18 year old male going to an elite catholic High School and really ignorant regarding politics. I see my 18 year old self in many young Trump supporters, my 22 year old son included. Ask a Trump supporter why they like him and they will say “he speaks his mind” or “ he does what he says”. Like I was, they have no idea about policy. It truly is a cult of personality. But at least Reagan had a fully formed ideology, Trump is as ignorant as his supporters regarding public policy. As I matured and learned more about politics and opened my mind, I moved more towards the middle voting for Bush after Reagan and them all Dems after that. I saw how Republicans were really only about helping the elite. Trump’s ultimate legacy maybe his incredible ignorance has woken the silent majority of decent Americans and invigorating public debate and knowledge of what the different parties stand for. Trump maybe the last of the RW nutjob party to win the presidency for generations. At least that is my sincere hope. That Trump is a transformational President that ends the Republican myth as small govt, fiscal conservatives. At the very least, the party of ”Family Values” and the ”Moral Majority” is dead. A new period of Progressives will fundamentally change our society once again cleaning up the mess left by the republican party.

November 11, 2018

Rally season is over, lost the House, indictments loom, his firing of Sessions

is a disaster, there is nothing to look forward to, just doom and gloom. Donnie boy had a fun 2 years destroying our country, trashing our institutions, and lying and lying, well the bill has come due Donnie Boy you are out of cash. Oh yea, I forgot, the emoluments case is moving forward and Dems are gonna get your taxes. Oh what fun it will be to see Mueller pick off your conspiring traitorous family. Revenge is sweet. Maybe Putin will grant him asylum.

October 11, 2018

And they call us snowflakes. Rs are afraid of everything. Next time you get into an argument with a

republican, ask them why they are such scary-cats. They are afraid of their own shadows. Immigrants who pick our produce-ew scary bunch, maids, dishwashers, restaurant workers etc. scare the day lights out of Republicans. And boy are they afraid of educated students, women, old poor people. They are all just COWARDS! Their idol the Dotard is a big man picking on people by tweet or from the safety of a rally. Can you imagine Trump getting in a fist fight? He is one of those guys who cower in fear and wets his pants when confronted. Why hasn’t our dear leader visited the troop? I’ll tell you why, it’s because his is a yellow -bellied COWARD as are the sycophants who follow him.

September 16, 2018

If this bastard gets confirmed, when Dems take control impeach him. No norms so Dems can do what

they want. And while there at it impeach Gorsuch too. He is illegitimate. We won’t need a reason. Pay back is a bitch especially when there are no more rules or norms. Tax the shit out of the rich, secure social security, Medicare for all. Make sure they will no reason to ever vote for a republican again

September 14, 2018

My Trump loving brother in law informed me yesterday that the drug cartels wanted Hillary to win.

My brother-in-law isn’t book smart but a very good business man. He is very wealthy but his mind is polluted. He denies watching Fox but that is a lie. His common theme is that Dems are going to come and take his money. He took over his Father's construction company but begrudges anyone who may need help from the govt. I point out that my wife’s Father died when she was 3 years old in 1965 and she and her mother lived on his social security. My wife is a successful sales executive and has paid back social security 10 times over. It’s pure ignorance on his part. All wealthy righties fear the same thing, the govt will take their money and redistribute it to others. This is the Fox mantra

September 12, 2018

We haven't even hit the tip of the iceberg with this fiasco. In the coming months there will be mind

boggling revelations about Trump, his campaign, and the Republican conspiracy of silence. While I agree Rachel’s statement is amusing and relevant, once the true horror of the Trump’s presidency is revealed, Rachel’s statement will seem understated and kind to Trump. While I’m no wordsmith, something like “It’s why you don’t deploy inter-continental ballistic nuclear missels to celebrate the 4th of July” is a more descriptive statement. I love Rachel, she and Keith Ohlberman, especially his “special comment” series that got me through the Bush era.

September 5, 2018

And repeal and replace every executive order, huge tax increases on the rich and best of all impeach

Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. You see, once you go down the road of “no norms” like Rs have done, it’s a whole new world. Once Dems control White House and Congress then anything goes. How can Dems impeach Supreme Court Justices, easy, no norms means you can do whatever you want. When Dems regain power they should ruthlessly strike against Rs for their cowardice and treason. Change House and Senate rules to make certain everything passes. Every aspect of government has to be reordered to protect against Rs every destroying our country again. Use the federal budget to punish States that pass laws and regulations harmful to workers. Campaign finance laws, term limits, mandatory retirement. These rogue States who wield so much power but represent a small fraction of the population must be put in their place. Ultimately, the Constitution must be amended and modernized. But it all starts with Dems in 2020 winning. Once they do, the reforms they make better cripple the rich, revitalize the middle class and take care of the poor to make certain Rs will never again yield power.

August 24, 2018

I know for certain that Mueller's probe is massive and implicates Trump personally as the traitor

he is. How do I know this? For over 18 months there has not been a single substantive leak from the Mueller investigation. This must involve hundreds of people in secretarial, clerical, and grand jury members who know the President is a traitor and the fate of the country is at stake. The silence from the Mueller probe screams to us that some very, very bad things have and are continuing to happen involving the President and the Republican Party. Mueller’s probe when made public, will cause the wholesale rejection of republican orthodoxy and bring about a progressive wave of action that will change our society for generations. The far right will be nothing more than a footnote in history as the reordering of our political, social, and economic lives are sorted out by the next 20 years of progressive leadership. The silent majority of good Americans will no longer be sidelined. The republicans have woken a sleeping giant.

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