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Weekend Warrior

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Member since: Mon Jul 24, 2017, 03:08 PM
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November 30, 2016 - Pelosi Wins House Minority Position 134-63

It was a dominant victory just eight short months ago. She defeated challenger Tim Ryan with ease.

This was not long ago. A vote was held. Since this vote, I don't see what she has done that is so egregious. Clearly there must have been some new action taken by her that warrants all of these calls for new leadership. Something new since the last vote just eight months ago. Something more than the deceptive news stories we have seen from the right twisting her words in an attempt to get the left angry with her.

Are people not aware of her recent landslide victory for the position?

Has something egregious happened since then?

Do deceptive right wing news stories simply work?

Posted by Weekend Warrior | Mon Jul 31, 2017, 09:01 AM (2 replies)

Only remaining statewide Democrat, Sherrod Brown, behind in polls

SANDUSKY The only statewide Democrat left in Ohio is running behind in early polls as he gears up for a 2018 re-election campaign.

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, is seeking a third six-year term in a state where Republicans dominate in the executive branch, the Ohio Supreme Court and the Ohio General Assembly.

A People's Pundit Daily Buckeye State Battleground Poll taken on July 3-8 showed 50 percent of the people polled favoring current state treasurer Josh Mandel in a hypothetical matchup, versus 42 percent for Brown. Other polls taken this year also have shown Brown trailing.


Brown is really solid. We need to keep him.

Posted by Weekend Warrior | Sat Jul 29, 2017, 10:44 AM (14 replies)

Larry David and Bernie Sanders are related.

How cool.


Posted by Weekend Warrior | Fri Jul 28, 2017, 04:48 PM (0 replies)

Republicans have only five female senators.

Two of those five voted against the "skinny repeal". Yet it really seems to all be about the white man. I know that Collins and Murkowski are not progressives. Still, it's a beautiful thing to watch. The future of the progressive movements success will overwhelmingly come from the hard work of women and minorities. As this trend continues, watch how some try to desperately make it all about white males.

This white male is extremely proud to embrace diversity. We all must be represented and the Democratic Party is the only place making an attempt.
Posted by Weekend Warrior | Fri Jul 28, 2017, 09:19 AM (7 replies)

UK military chiefs praise transgender troops

It comes after Donald Trump said that transgender people would not be allowed in the US military due to "tremendous" medical costs and disruption.

But British officials have supported people serving in the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force.

Commander of UK Maritime Forces Rear Admiral Alex Burton tweeted: "I am so glad we are not going this way."


"Only if individuals are free to be themselves can we release the genie of their potential." Lieutenant General Patrick Sanders

Posted by Weekend Warrior | Thu Jul 27, 2017, 07:31 PM (1 replies)

US Joint Chiefs blindsided by Trump's transgender ban

Washington (CNN)The Joint Chiefs of Staff, including chairman General Joseph Dunford, were not aware President Donald Trump planned to tweet a ban on transgender service members, three US defense officials told CNN -- the latest indication that top military leaders across all four service branches were blindsided by the President's announcement.

For now, Dunford has informed service members that there will be "no modifications to the current policy until the President's direction has been received by the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary has issued implementation guidelines."

"In the meantime, we will continue to treat all of our personnel with respect," Dunford wrote in a memo to the military that was obtained by CNN. "As importantly, given the current fight and the challenges we face, we will all remain focused on accomplishing our assigned missions."

Posted by Weekend Warrior | Thu Jul 27, 2017, 01:33 PM (3 replies)
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