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Member since: Sun Jul 23, 2017, 05:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,389

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Well it looks like the adult in the room is Iran

they know dimwit will be gone in a year, they can just wait him out
maybe break a pipe in Dump Tower and flood the place accents happen or
golf courses get accidentally sprayed with round-up
Iran Americans should vote Democratic

Trump wanted to prove he could kill someone in plain sight and get away with it

he just did it
follow the money to putin and back
putin holds his bank loans so the boot licking begins
they should lock down his plane when he boards to go back to DC, surround it and take him down

So let me get this straight republicant senators think that they

can tell companies around the world who should be on their board.
Shut the fuck up and sit down

I want John Kerry to run

please please please
Al Gore would make a good VP

The 12 angry dems that worked for dem Mueller should be called to testify

we should hear from them

dumps steel fence won't keep anybody out, almost anyone would be over it in three seconds

this not real
this is a complete scam
he conning his supporters and taking their money

Time for Trump and his family to fly away with Putin after this weekend's conference

if they want to stay out of jail
another law firm of Trump's was raided today

President Yellow Hair please STOP

babies need their mothers
children need their mothers
babies need mother's milk

Mr. Trump please stop

join me in asking for him to stop

Mr Trump please STOP

Can I make it any plainer, just stop
stop fake news
stop calling news fake news
stop saying things that are not accurate
stop taking for yourself and family
stop stop stop
yes you are the President of the United States now act like it
have some compassion, empathy, tolerance, and forgiveness
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