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Member since: Sun Jul 23, 2017, 10:50 AM
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Does Trump want to be impeached?

Trump is a maze of psychological problems. You have to admit, in 2016 he tried everything he could to lose. That was the whole plan. He did not want to win, he just wanted to come in second and up his brand. The whole thing fell apart when he won. Now Trump went through some phases. First, shock he won. Next, he got used to the job and got rid of people that tried to contain him. Then he ran the Presidency like his business. But he discovered he could not do that, and more and more he is taking heat. The pressure must be getting to him. So maybe on a subconscious level he wants to be impeached. If he was removed from office, the pressure is gone. He could claim it was all a witch hunt, go back to mar-a-lago, play the victim and not have to do any of the work of President. Of course Pence would pardon him as he went out the door. Everybody wins. You never know with Trump. Look at today when he made remarks about the whistle blower to a crowd of over 50 people. He had to know somebody was recording. Like a criminal that wants to get caught and sent back to prison. Only in Trumps case, he wants to be sent back to the golf course.
Posted by extvbroadcaster | Thu Sep 26, 2019, 07:30 PM (33 replies)

Trump wants zero interest rates

Trump calls Fed "boneheads", wants zero interest rates! This from the genius that bankrupted a casino. Sure, I want to take my money and put it in a bank and see it actually lose value due to inflation! Trump can't be satisfied ruining foreign policy, voting, confidence in the Presidency, etc. He has to ruin the international monetary system too! If the rich folks are actually running the country, now is the time to get rid of the real "bonehead"

Posted by extvbroadcaster | Wed Sep 11, 2019, 09:44 AM (10 replies)

Trump in a baseball cap

You have seen him. Trump wearing a baseball cap, with MAGA or USA on it. He uses press "gaggles" to wear the hats and get national exposure. Of course, he sells them. $40 for the USA cap. You can buy other junk on his website too. Of course, it is all for his reelection but you can be sure some of that money is flowing into his pocket. First, Trump looks ridiculous wearing that junk like he is rooting for a team at a sporting event. And if Obama had done such a thing Fox news would have spent hours on how "unpresidential" it was. Overall, Trump looks like a sleazy salesman wearing that crap. And wearing it while discussing people shot dead with guns, hurricanes, tariffs, and other serious topics. I can't believe anybody wants this loser to be President. Or would even buy a used car from him.
Posted by extvbroadcaster | Mon Sep 2, 2019, 09:38 AM (5 replies)

Mattis "won't speak ill" of Trump

Mattis sitting with CBS, saying he "won't speak ill of a sitting President" and Trump is "unusual" - Yeah, right. Does it dawn on him that the American people need those that actually worked with Trump to tell the truth? If Trump is on top of it as commander in chief, fine, tell us that. If he's a moron, who should not be anywhere near nuclear weapons, we need to know that too. Amazing that some voters are still backing Trump to the degree that he could win again. We need those that can to come out, tell the truth about Trump and not hide behind the nonsense of the old decorum. All bets are off, and Trump proves that every day. Mattis and his inside view won't mean much when Trump pushes the nuclear button because he's an idiot.

Posted by extvbroadcaster | Sun Sep 1, 2019, 06:37 PM (10 replies)
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