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Member since: Sun Jul 23, 2017, 10:50 AM
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I don't see the downside of Impeachment

If the Democrats don't begin impeachment proceedings, they will forever have to live with the fact that the President was unfit for office and they did nothing. As the story goes, the house will impeach, the senate will not convict, and Trump will rise stronger and more powerful. I don't see that. If Trump is a spectacle on TV, with his crimes laid out over and over, the tide may turn. Even the most dim Trump voter will have to have doubts or conclude it is all a plot against their dear leader. But I don't see but a small minority not having some doubts when impeachment dominates the news. Make the GOP go on record that they are supporting the corrupt Trump. Make them vote and stand by it. When the election comes, perhaps most voters will be simply sick and tired of Trump and the endless crimes and investigations. They might vote for whoever runs against him, and since Hillary is out of the picture what can they find so bad that Trump is better? I refuse to believe that given a choice Americans will vote for a crook. They got conned once, but twice?
Posted by extvbroadcaster | Thu May 30, 2019, 04:22 PM (35 replies)

Why can't people see Trump is a con man?

It's so obvious. He inherited a bunch of money, and then has spent a lifetime lying, losing money, making bad deals, running businesses into the ground, and ripping people off. He's a despicable human being too, from grabbing women to leering at teenage beauty pageant contestants to cheating on his wives. Respectable people would not associate with him, banks would not lend him money. The whole President thing was a branding con that went off the rails. Now that he is in office, it is more clear than ever that he is way out of his depth and has no interest in governing anyway. It is amazing to me that a huge hunk of the voting public still supports this guy, while he does things in office that would make Nixon blush. I am not sure what is leading people to blindly follow Trump, but it is scary.
Posted by extvbroadcaster | Mon May 13, 2019, 09:12 AM (72 replies)
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