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Ted Turner reveals Lewy body dementia

I used to work for Ted Turner back in the old CNN days. It kind of sucked, because everybody got minimum wage. This was 1981 or so. But it was fun because everybody was young, it was party time in Atlanta, and Ted never fired anybody. I mean you really had to screw up bad to even get close to getting fired. Ted would throw these parties on the lawn at Techwood, and pull a beer truck up and everyone, even those on air during breaks, were getting buzzed. Then we would pile on buses and Ted would run us down to the stadium for a baseball game. I only talked to him a couple of times, but he was down to earth, I can tell you that. I was standing next to him at a company party once and the stock had just put his net worth over a billion dollars. He was talking to us in a circle and drinking Budweiser out of a can. Back then we were doing straight up news, and CNN is nothing today like it was back then. The funny thing was we hated "big corporate news" - which is what CNN became. But back then Ted was the one with the vision, you had to give him that. I was sorry to hear about his health. Everybody said the CNN we knew died when Ted lost control of the company. I would agree with that.

Posted by extvbroadcaster | Fri Sep 28, 2018, 05:46 PM (6 replies)
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