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Member since: Sun Jul 23, 2017, 10:50 AM
Number of posts: 339

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SOTU - I lasted 5 minutes

Then I muted the orange anus. How can these people live with themselves clapping for
this turd? I wish some mean kid had dunked Trump's head in the toilet in military school and
saved America from this cancer.
Posted by extvbroadcaster | Tue Jan 30, 2018, 10:27 PM (3 replies)

More Trump voters: CNN in Youngstown OH

Yep, it's another edition of Trump voters. You know the drill by now. Nothing this racist lying asshole can do to make them not love him! He could take a dump in their front yard and they would still support him! Because he's "like them" and speaks like them - which is to say a total moron. You don't want some shithead as President. You don't want to have a beer with him either. The President should be working his ass off for the country. Trump? He wants to screw off and golf. You gotta love these voters!
Posted by extvbroadcaster | Wed Jan 17, 2018, 12:05 PM (3 replies)

Trump and the porn star

Ok, she does this for money. But come on, having this orange anus, this turd, get on top of you and grunt out an organism? Just the thought makes you sick. And she did this for a year?
Posted by extvbroadcaster | Tue Jan 16, 2018, 08:28 PM (7 replies)

WH health report: He's just an asshole

No further medical tests necessary.
Posted by extvbroadcaster | Tue Jan 16, 2018, 04:50 PM (9 replies)

Trump hates being President

Take some comfort in the fact that Trump hates being President. All those meetings, and people asking him to understand
things and read things. He just wants to go to mar-a-largo and play golf. The campaign was fun, the rallies and shit. But actually
running the government? No way. Time for dinner and bed. He's a worthless fuck, and be happy about that. He's no Hitler.
Soon he will be flushed down the toilet of history, as he should be. The sooner the better. Everybody is on to him now, and there is no way he will run in 2020. He might win, and that would be more work. Forget that!
Posted by extvbroadcaster | Sun Jan 14, 2018, 07:19 PM (35 replies)

Pence standing behind Trump

Pence is always standing behind Trump with this loving look on his face. He's doing it right now as Trump does the MLK ceremony. Besides the irony of Trump honoring MLK while being a racist, Pence shows he's either out of it or as bad as Trump. Pence looks like he would gladly eat the ass of Trump, and enjoy doing it. Ben Carson is on now, proving once again he is worthless too. How did America fall so far? Can we recover? God I hope so.
Posted by extvbroadcaster | Fri Jan 12, 2018, 12:45 PM (15 replies)

My god Rush is right

I was watching CNN and they were discussing the latest Trump tweet, statement, whatever. They mused that Trump gets off on this stuff. Rush says the same thing. He says some crazy shit, and then sits back and watches cable TV and gets his jollies. He loves the attention, everybody listening to him. He does not care anything about running the country. He is just the reality star he was before, only bigger, stronger, and a bigger pain in the ass. He does not know or care his words as President carry weight, to him it is all a show. Of course he has a severe personality disorder. I don't know what the end game is here. Trump leaves office, is voted out, removed, or we all go up in flames, scavenging around for food and water in a post nuclear apocalypse. The odds are pretty even all around.
Posted by extvbroadcaster | Wed Jan 3, 2018, 02:48 PM (7 replies)
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