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Member since: Wed Jul 19, 2017, 12:23 PM
Number of posts: 905

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Bump stocks need to banned and made illegal ALL even before this massacre.

Any law passed must include ALL bump stocks now in the possession of citizens.

The Rep. Murphy scandal points to another harrowing possibility:

How many Congressional staffs are infiltrated with Russian plants or alt-right plants"
He said his anti-abortion statements were not written by him but by his staff. Made me go hmmm...

How much control to Congressional staffers really have over policy and positions by our elected officials. And who are these staffers really? Lobbyist plants, Russian infiltrators, alt-right and or neo-Nazi surrogates? Just wondering.

Is Tillerson staying because Putin won't allow him to resign?

Now they are changing the purpose of Russian interference from being against Hillary' for Trump to

just trying to dow dissension among the electorate and discord in our election system.

Don't believe it for one minute. It was all about electing Trump and giving Russia almost total control of our government.

This change in focus must be because they are really getting close to irrefutable evidence of Russian interference and collusion.
They change the focus all they want to. Trump needs to understand that he is an illegitimate President and would never have been elected in a fair and unfettered election. Never without Russia and Wikileaks help.

I just love Chris Cuomo on CNN, He does not suffer Kellyanne's stupid talking points.

He just tore her a new one talking about bump stocks and Las Vegas. If you didn't see it, watch it on the stream...classic.

All interviewers of the Trump cabal should take a lesson from this interview. He gives them space to make a fool of themselves and then in leans in for the kill. It was magnificent to me. His questions make the talking points so obvious. Kellyanne should stay off the airwaves and tend to her own travel scandal. I don't believe Cris brought this up because I had to leave my car before the interview ended.

I don't believe Tillerson will leave unless Russia tells him to and Trump won't fire him unless

he is told to do so by Putin. That is becoming clear to me.

One simply cannot be "more respectful" of a person who does not deserve any respect.

So stop giving anyone advice on being more respectful to Trump. So WH staff should not give Rex or anyone else advice on this subject.

Tillerson amd the great suck-up. None of Trump's appointments have an ounce of integrity.

You really have to be a heartless SOB with a very dark soul to go to Puerto Rico and say and do

the things Trump just did on his visit there.

Any decent American that is a member of the NRA should burn their member ship card and cancel

their membership. Not talking about taking away their guns, (but the would be good) just talking about paying dues and belonging to a heartless organization like the NRA.
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