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Member since: Tue Jul 18, 2017, 10:30 AM
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The entire Republic Party is complicit.

Yeah, I said Republic Party.

They can’t seem to remember the name of my party, so fuck them.

Excuse me sir, you could breath into this little gadget here.

He is looking, sounding and acting like an angry drunk right now.

He is already yelling and angry.

He is fucking toast.

If you block keywords "toad from mario kart" and "yeti pubes" now, without asking questions....


If you mute “toad from mario kart” and “yeti pubes” now, without asking questions, there is still time to save yourself

CNN projection: Vermont's Christine Hallquist becomes first transgender person nominated for gov


CNN projection: Vermont's Christine Hallquist becomes first transgender person nominated for governor by a major party

Christine Hallquist's bid to become the country's first transgender governor will clear a historic hurdle on Tuesday.

Hallquist will be the first transgender gubernatorial nominee for a major political party, CNN projects, a breakthrough of both substantial and symbolic importance for LGBTQ Americans, in particular the trans community, which has for so long been shut out of the highest levels of elected office.

What's next: Hallquist will face Gov. Phil Scott in November. CNN projects Scott is the winner of the GOP primary.

North Carolina politician says Russian bought her domain


A North Carolina congressional candidate says the website she used when she campaigned for another office is now owned by a Russian.

The News & Observer of Raleigh reports a man listing a Russian residence bought the website address that Democrat Linda Coleman used when she ran for lieutenant governor two years ago.

The domain name's owner is listed as a Moscow man. The newspaper said the phone number tied to the account's owner doesn't work and emails weren't returned.

Coleman said she didn't know why the Russian-based website was created and urged other political candidates "to be vigilant." Her campaign has contacted the FBI about the matter.

Coleman is seeking her party's nomination to challenge incumbent Republican George Holding in North Carolina's 2nd Congressional District in the Raleigh area.


Shouts of LOCK HIM UP!

As Flynn leaves the courthouse!

And MSNBC pointing it out!

If you have friends, family, loved ones etc. in Vegas, there is a facebook page

that will help you ask those in the area if they are safe or they can tag themselves as safe. I am still waiting to hear back from two of my very close friends. Fortunately all of my family has checked in.


Let Hillary Clinton roar


By Susan Bordo
Updated 3:54 PM ET, Wed September 13, 2017

(CNN)Something very strange is going on in post-mortems about the 2016 election. On the one hand, the hard evidence is piling up that a combination of factors largely outside of Hillary Clinton's control were responsible for her loss to Donald Trump. On the other hand, many apparently don't want Hillary Clinton to talk about any of that.

Every day, we hear fresh reports of the extent and insidious nature of Russian interference in the promotion of fake news stories and nasty accusations about Hillary Clinton's character -- a smear campaign that was bound to have had an effect on voters' perceptions (why else would the Russians invest so much energy and money?). But when Clinton mentions the Russians, she's accused of shuffling responsibility away from herself.

Studies by respected think tanks such as Harvard's Shorenstein Center have documented a negative bias against Clinton in ordinary news reporting. This was not "fake news" but a daily, repetitive media buzz of (often GOP-inspired) "scandals" and "suspect" activity, which always had Clinton hiding something, from her basement server to her pneumonia. And this obscured coverage of her policy speeches and core messages.

But she dare not talk about that, lest she be seen as boo-hooing about unfair treatment by the press.


Interesting that no one criticized the authors for "looking backward" when "Shattered," a book that puts the blame squarely on Clinton and her campaign, was published. Or when Bernie Sanders, who now suggests "it's a little bit silly" to talk about the election, published his own diagnosis a week after the election. Yet on Sunday, Susan Chira, in The New York Times, called Hillary Clinton "the woman who won't go away," and as I write this, the day after publication of Clinton's new book "What Happened," the annoyed, often vicious customer reviews are piling up on Amazon.

Good luck getting a majority of anything without women.

To say that we need to throw women's rights under the bus so we can take back the house is ludicrous. You will see mass protests and many women leave the party.

Good luck getting a majority of anything without us!
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