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Member since: Fri Jul 14, 2017, 07:13 PM
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This does not make any sense

The other day I read that after 45 saw The World Trade Center towers go down he went WOR Radio saying that now his tower was the highest in New York. Really now.

The 45 Tower in New York
Built in 1983
Has 58 floors
Including the roof it is 202.4 meters high ( 664.0 feet )

The Empire State Building
Built in 1931
Has 102 floors
At the roof it reaches 381 ( 1250 feet )
With the Antenna spire it goes to goes 443.2 meters ( 1454 feet )

Just with the roof The Empire State Building it reaches 635 feet ( 210 yards higher than that misbegotten collection of gold condemnation that 45 put together. I mean architects and engineers the world over are going to want an explanation on how his claim could be true. That is an event I would sell tickets. Three dollars a head.


We see the news.
In the newspaper.
On television.
On the internet.

Everyday with every story we get new definitions for
Piece Of Shit and Scum of the Earth. The investigations are far from over which means we are in for a ton of more definitions.

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