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Member since: Fri Jul 14, 2017, 07:13 PM
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The most general bit of guidance that I can offer here is to go with the flow.
Even if that flow is in a sewer pipe.
At times that is what life feels like.

I witness

We are witness to an implosion within the 45 administration. Every misspoken word, misstatement from anyone connected with 45 since the beginning of his campaign three years ago is an example of that. With every word that every one of them speaks they dig a hole deeper and deeper that they just cannot get out of. On the outside everything is great, flowing along smoothly. But behind the scenes things are rotten to the core. I have every faith that somewhere down the road these people will get tripped up and all of that “stink” will be exposed. I just do not want this country to go down with them.

The Helsinki Summit of kissing ass

45 has had a brown nose for the longest time

The filthy swine still thinks he beat Hillary Clinton in the election "easily"

He IS the worst person ( I use that term loosely ) to ever hold office in the White House

You can add traitor to the list of charges against him

It is not November 6 yet...........DAMN


Today is the first anniversary of the When I joined the Democratic Underground. To mark the occasion I want to talk about one of the most disturbing events involving the 45 administration ( Yes, I know there are a lot ).

That would be the march by the Alt-Right Movement, KKK, and Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 11th and 12th of 2017. I want to focus on August 12 when Heather Hyer was murdered by a supporter of these movements when this “individual” drove his car into a group of protesters, killing Ms. Hyer. The statements by 45 in the following days speak volumes about how much of a racist he is.

To say as he did “there are good people on both sides of this” creeped me out. It still does. This country has worked in one way or another tried to put an end to what the Nazi and White Supremacist groups stand for. World War II is a shining example of how the United States as part of a group of Allied Forces took down Adolf Hitler and his Nazis. The Federal Government to this day hunts down any White Supremacist that seeks to do harm to a minority. This is not to say that the battle over these people has been won. Far from it.

As we have seen these people have waited over the years holding their marches, like Charlottesville to keep people interested in their groups . Although I could never join one I support groups like Antifa, who stand against these White Power people, the KKK people, and these Alt-Right people. As for 45 who is supposed to stand as leadership of this country, my respect for him will always be a big fat ZERO. 45 has proven himself to be an insecure, overbearing, pushy fool with no respect or sensitivity to what really matters in his country.

This nation has wasted its time in electing an idiot like this to office. I consider the Federal Government to be Offline until we can elect that person that the Democratic National Committee nominates at the next convention in 2020. Only then can we work to fix what the idiot in office has messed up.


Never let anyone disguise a lie as the truth

Never let anyone disguise a crime as justice

Never let anyone disguise fear tactics as the American Way

Honesty is the bedrock that truth, justice, and the American Way are formed on

No one , not a public official, not even a dictator can take those away from the public

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