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What gender is your computer?

A Computer Science teacher decided to have some fun with his Night School class. He split the students into groups of Men and Women. They had to discuss what gender should computers be classified as.

The Men started off stating that computers should be classified as Female and supplied four points to back that up

No one but their creator understands their internal logic

When they communicate they speak in code language
that only they and experts can understand

Every mistake you make is stored on their hard drive for later retrieval

As soon as you commit to one you find yourself
spending half your paycheck accessorizing it

The Women who were not to be outdone supplied four points of their own
to back up their theory that computers should be classified as Male

To get their attention you have to turn them on

They have a lot of data but still can’t think for themselves

They are supposed to help you solve problems
but half the time they are the problem

As soon as you commit to one you realize that
if you’ve waited you could have gotten a better model

I think this is controversial and has the possibility of touching off a firestorm of debate.

David Brinkley has something to say

Current history shows the American people will
put up with a great deal even when the demands on them
are outrageous, as they often are. But they will not put up
with anyone who claims to be or tries to be above the law,
immune to the rules applying to everybody else. It seems
to be known instinctively that if anyone acquires that
privilege it will be the end of this country. The public will
not obey laws they dislike if their leaders don’t.

It appears the White House feeling threatened has
long since pulled its wagons into a circle and lost touch with
what was happening outside. There is every evidence they
were surprised by the degree of public anger at the events
of last weekend. So the President backed down said he’d
hand over the tapes, whereas in the past he argued this
was an intolerable invasion of his privacy. Other people’s
privacy is routinely invaded by the Federal Government
and anyone else who tried to withhold evidence that might
bear on a crime would wind up in jail.

It has always seemed doubtful that Congress could
actually bring itself to impeach the President, but since
Saturday night it has seemed they might face up to it. So
the President because he had to.

Transcript from David Brinkley
NBC Nightly News
October 23 1973
This commentary follows the Saturday Night Massacre of October 20th.

As 45 slowly edges toward the day of his eventual demise he can look back in history and see how “Tricky Dick” handled things in OUR White House.

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