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Member since: Fri Jul 14, 2017, 07:13 PM
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This is the mess The Right Wing has made

Here it is folks. One big mess of a government. I am not just referring to the Kavanaugh disaster, but everything since January 20/2017. Since that date we have seen how an imbecilic administration can take a country run by the Obama administration and work to destroy everything it stood for.

The Right Wing controls all three sections of government, yet they have problems pushing their policies through. Because their policies are criminal and insane. The Right Wing base refuses to understand this. Every last voter in this country, including the Red states is now poised to go into their voting booths and speak their minds on November 6. Blue Tsunami we await your arrival.

Murphy Brown tonight

Sarah Huckaliar is on Murphy Brown. I think it must have been some fancy editing.

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