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Doc Sportello

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Home country: United States
Current location: Channelview Estates
Member since: Fri Jul 7, 2017, 02:31 PM
Number of posts: 6,783

Journal Archives

Maskless repub assholes infect second Congress person

Rep. Jayapal


In addition to the upcoming good things like the inauguration ...

... and Democrats taking over the Senate, there is another event to look forward to: Rush Limbaugh will die!

Murdered officer was war vet and critic of the Iraq war


"Sicknick was a former Air National Guardsman who, according to his brother, served in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Enduring Freedom before joining the police force. He then became a critic of the Iraq war and the treatment of military veterans"


Brianna getting ready to Roll the Tape on the enablers

On CNN. Should be a classic.

So are they only going after the "leaders"?

Just now on CNN, the FBI and other agencies want to identify the leaders of the attack. This post isn't about gouliani and dump, who should be and won't charged. It's about the hundreds of foot soldiers who invaded the Capitol and terrorized those inside while destroying property and attempting to foment an insurrection. There are hundreds of images of them. They aren't leaders but they vandalized the building, trespassed on federal property with intent to do violence and terrorized the people inside and perhaps even more (some were carrying zip ties for handcuffing). These Terrorists need to be gone after just as hard as the leaders.

Shut up Lankford, you POS

You enabler. NOW you're trying to make nice. You fucking hypocrite trying to cover your ass.

Walking them politely off the Capitol steps ... isn't that nice?

Wonder why they got such nice treatment?


Abrams: "Revenge can be very cathartic"

There are so many things to love about her but this story shows it best for me:


"A few weeks after Stacey Abrams narrowly lost her bid for governor, she spoke to a sold-out crowd in Nashville about her journey from despondency to determination.

'Revenge,” she said, “can be very cathartic.'”

She didn't get down and give up, she fought back in the hardest, most unglamorous way of all: voter registration and GOTV. Not only did she lead the charge for Biden to take Georgia, she and the volunteers got 100,000 MORE people to vote in a RUNOFF!

A true American hero.


Tomorrow will be a glorious day!

Biden will be certified as President and Warnock and Ossoff will be declared as winners of the senate seats.

Washes away some of the anxiety felt on election night and every bad feeling thereafter. A Democratic President and Congress. Just beautiful.

Tanya Roberts has died - for real this time

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