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Doc Sportello

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Gender: Male
Home country: United States
Current location: Channelview Estates
Member since: Fri Jul 7, 2017, 02:31 PM
Number of posts: 6,780

Journal Archives

Elizabeth Warren is the star who may eclipse Bernie Sanders

From Democratic operative and CNN contributor Jess McIntosh:


Pete Buttigieg has everything except positions on major issues

From the LA Times:

Many things to like about Mayor Pete, not the least of which is his authenticty, which I think will be important in the general. But I happen to think detailed knowledge of the issues and ways to adress the many problems we face are much, much more important when it comes to beating rump and fixing the mess he will leave.

The fact that Pete is surging in the polls without providing any positions or specific policy proposals on major issues is troubling, to say the least, for several reasons. And saying "he'll be coming up with those later" doesn't make it less troubling.

Puppy snatched by aerial predator is recovering

The headline says it was an owl that snatched a puppy from the yard of its foster family but they don't know for sure what is was. Poor thing was found on a golf course but seems to be doing ok.

A foster dog named Latte is recovering from her injuries after being snatched from her home early Friday morning.

Her wounds appeared to suggest she was taken by an owl, according to her caregiver.

Latte, a 12-week-old, 11-pound Great Pyrenees and Saint Bernard mix, was taken at around 3:30 a.m. when she was outside the north Scottsdale home with three other puppies.


AOC: "I didn't expect them to make total fools of themselves."

On Chris Hayes discussing the Green New Deal, that was her reaction to the RW flipping out over her and the proposal.

She is terrific, just articulate, informed, authentic, compassionate. Can take them down with one sentence. I love her.

Ferlinghetti celebrated as 100th birthday nears

For many of us the Beats were the Source as one writer dubbed them. The last, as far as I know, to survive is the wonderful poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti who turns 100 on March 24th. San Francisco, where Ferlinghetti started the City Lights bookstore in 1957, has several celebrations planned. I have only been there a couple of times but to me it's a must for anyone who appreciates not only independent bookstores but also American poetry and the contributions of the Beats. A good article on him from the Guardian:


Turns out Utah fan in Westbrook incident is a racist MAGAt

An ugly scene happened in last night's Thunder-Jazz game when Thunder guard Russell Westbrook got into it with a Jazz fan, Shane Keisel and his wife. Keisel has deleted his social media posts - but not before he was exposed using the n word and telling Westbrook to go "back where he came from" among other ugly, racist posts and of course the MAGA hashtag.


A clip of the incident which doesn't include Keisel's earlier taunts:

"Is it that he stopped believing in scripture when he started believing Donald Trump?"

Mayor Pete on Pence: "How would he allow himself to become the cheerleader for the porn star presidency? Is it that he stopped believing in scripture when he started believing Donald Trump?"

I know that snips have been posted before of this but it is such a great takedown of Pence and his hypocrisy I thought it deserved it's own thread. This young man is so impressive. While I do think he may be too young and inexperienced to nominate, I have no doubt he would do a great job as President. His problem of course is that in Indiana he has little chance to win a higher office (and even his congressional district is very red). Like Beto I think it's unfair to expect him to win statewide office there; a Democrat coming close in Texas or Indiana is more impressive to me than winning in Massachusetts or California. Here's the CNN take on this;


Ex-senator, governor David Boren under investigation for sexual harassment


Being conducted by the University of Oklahoma, where Boren served until recently as President. He is being investigated for harassing male colleagues.

On a personal note, this has been rumored for many years. While working at the governor's mansion as a young man while he was in office, I had an uncomfortable encounter with him. Nothing aggressive or inappropriate but just the feeling that he was a little too interested in me. My coworkers commented on it too.

Elizabeth Warren gets standing ovation at Native American conference

From the article:
"Warren received a standing ovation from tribal leaders and other Native attendees as she approached the stage."
Warren "was warmly welcomed at Tuesday’s event. She could barely make it through the crowd of about 150 people as she was trying to leave, with attendees swarming her for photos and hugs by the door."

Newly elected Native American Congressperson Deb Haaland in introducing Warren:
“Indian Country needs strong allies like Elizabeth Warren, whose unwavering commitment to Native communities and Native American women and children is needed in this political era.”


Mark Kelly to run for Senate

Former astronaut and husband of Gabby Giffords to run for the Senate seat in AZ Martha McSally was just appointed to.

Buh-bye Martha.

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