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Doc Sportello

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Oklahoma
Home country: United States
Current location: Northern Arizona
Member since: Fri Jul 7, 2017, 02:31 PM
Number of posts: 5,691

Journal Archives

Tomasky: Bogus Dems in disarray media narrative belies positive news for November

Tomasky points out that the numbers for November are better for Dems than for repubs in the Tea Party year and that the media has grealy overblown Democratic infighting:


Trump has turned words winto weapons. And he's winning the linguistic war

Trump knows the press has a strong instinct to repeat his most outrageous claims, and this allows him put the press to work as a marketing agency for his ideas. His lies reach millions of people through constant repetition in the press and social media. This poses an existential threat to democracy.
Language works by activating brain structures called “frame-circuits” used to understand experience. They get stronger when we hear the activating language. Enough repetition can make them permanent, changing how we view the world.

Even negating a frame-circuit activates and strengthens it, as when Nixon said “I am not a crook” and people thought of him as a crook.

Scientists, marketers, advertisers and salespeople understand these principles. So do Russian and Islamic State hackers. But most reporters and editors clearly don’t. So the press is at a disadvantage when dealing with a super salesman with an instinctive ability to manipulate thought by 1) framing first 2) repeating often, and 3) leading others to repeat his words by getting people to attack him within his own frame.


My take:
I wish people would listen to Lakoff, not just journalists but also Democratic leaders, about how to win the message wars. Much of this is about understanding how the brain works.

James Shaw is such an impressive young man

The Waffle House hero who doesn't want to be called a hero. Why? Because he is being honest and saying he was trying to save himself. But with his courage he saved many others.

He was just on Anderson Cooper. He went to the hospital to comfort victims. He promoted a gofundme page for the victims.

He didn't need to tout himself, he cares about others and has tremendous courage. The young man has the kind of personal qualities every parent should hope their children will have. Totally the opposite of you know who.


Source: Newsweek

A new poll published by Emerson College on Monday says that a special House election in Arizona next week will be tight.

The poll has Democratic candidate Hiral Tipirneni in a “statistical dead heat” with Republican Debbie Lesko for Arizona’s 8th Congressional District. Tipirneni had a slight lead, 46 percent to 45 percent. The Emerson poll is a swing from previous polling. A poll last week by OH Predictive Insights had Lesko up 10 percent.

Read more: http://www.newsweek.com/hiral-tipirneni-debbie-lesko-conor-lamb-donald-trump-887807

This is a solid repub district but Franks (the incumbent) and Lesko (the repub nominee) both have ethical issues. Plus, Democrat Hiral Tipirneni is a likable, smart new face.

To help her, go to:

Just wanted to say hi

Just joined thanks to Mary. I live in the Prescott area (hence the handle). I have volunteered for both the Sinema and Brill (he's running against the awful Gosar) campaigns. Just happy to be in Arizona.

Watching the Obamas talk about Jackie Robinson

Last night in Ken Burns' bio of Jackie it resounded like a shot reinforcing something we already knew: how classy these two people are. They have many other qualities as well, obviously, but class is one that stood out the most from their comments.

Of course the polar opposite contrast to the pig in the White House was impossible to ignore.

Scientists link brain damage, religious fundamentalism

Interesting read that may have more genral implications.


Why are the Florida students so good at this? Excellent school programs in ...

... journalism, drama and speech is one reason. It shows the power of a comprehensive education, and especially why we need to keep strong programs in those areas.


dump uses Javanka for the same reason Tony Soprano used Christopher

Chris Mathews asked tonight why dump has Jared and Ivanka as part of his admin. and speculated that maybe it was because he felt comforted having them around.

Watching an episode of the Sopranos recently I think gives the main reason. Tony bypassed more veteran members of his crew to be his main cutout in favor of his nephew Christopher. Why? Because he was family and less likely, presumably, to flip. Our POtuS knows deep down he is a criminal.

It is truly the trump crime family.

Sam and Doug Zeif on Chris Hayes

I have two emotions when I watch this young man: tears for the pain that he suffered and expresses so well and hope in my heart for the clear-headed, articulate, authentic way he gets his points across and that his message does get through.

Chris gave a nice sendoff to them: to Sam he said he hopes his four-year-old son grows up to be just like him and to his father Doug he congratulated him on raising this young man.
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