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KY_EnviroGuy's Journal
KY_EnviroGuy's Journal
September 26, 2023

I'm sure a large group of Dems currently serving in office are very happy......

with your hard work on DU. They're the ones that really matter because they are serving and preserving democracy every day.

I especially appreciate your bringing candidates to our attention that are new, those who are bravely fighting a long-entrenched Rethug and those most in need of financial support. The ones you do for natural and man-made disasters are helpful too!

Please carry on........

June 12, 2023

George Soros hands control of empire to son

George Soros hands control of empire to son: WSJ

Jun 11, 2023

I guess the wingnuts will be accusing Hunter and Alex of collusion and a hundred conspiracy theories. Thank goodness, both young men have good hearts and are tough as nails.

Thank you, Mr. Soros for all you've done for the good side of the fence and I hope you get to enjoy some final years away from the American right wing.

June 7, 2023

No place is sacred: Deadly shooting at Washington National Cemetery.

Man killed, woman hurt after shooting at Washington National Cemetery

Jun 6, 2023

Police are investigating a deadly shooting at a cemetery at the same time as a funeral for a 10-year-old D.C. murder victim in Suitland on Tuesday afternoon.

Countdown started for Republicans calling for metal detectors and armed guards at all cemeteries.

KY........ .......
June 6, 2023

Putin will soon say "only I can fix this" in a typical Trump-Putin way.

I can se no way this dam can be substantially reconstructed for a very long time since it's in the middle of a war zone. Temporary provisions may at least restore some of the reservoir's level and thereby protect the nuclear plant.

Ukraine will have to completely go to Plan "B" to capture control of Crimea, as Russia will now have domination of a large stretch of the Dnipro River delta. However with careful planning, it may be best to arch around south of the river anyway.

After things get re-stabilized, it's going to be interesting to watch events unfold, especially considering Ukraine will no doubt exact very painful revenge for this one.


June 5, 2023

Good hit, Lastlib. Republicans are hypocrites on immigration.

Republicans are hypocrites on immigration and can never address it honestly because their beloved corporations need the cheap labor for profits and to keep labor rates suppressed across the board. However, to gain popular support for votes, they must voice support for cruel anti-immigrant actions (but not enforceable laws) that appeal to America's xenophobic and racist protectionist leanings.

Subservience to business interests is the primary enabler of the GOP because of campaign and right-wing media funding so that they can never be honest about immigration policy reform. I submit this is one of the most cruel and two-faced forms of their hypocrisy, ranking right up there with suppressing advancement of poor and minority sectors and their outright racism.

Another way to slap a Republican in the face over their immigration rants is to ask them hypothetically if they had teenage children, would they encourage those children to become hotel room cleaners, fast food cooks or crop harvesters in the hot summer sun for their life-long careers. Or maybe even better, ask why they didn't choose one of those professions to support their family!

It's hard to believe we go through this same discussion every election cycle, yet once again we make little or no real progress with meaningful immigration reform due to GOP hubris and hypocrisy.


June 3, 2023

Rethugs will say the poor were just fasting for Republican Jesus and it went a bit too far.

At least where I came from, if people are hungry, just feed them with no prejudice.

Selfishness, self-centeredness, pride and arrogance were looked down upon back in the day, while humility and charity was admired.

Plus, that helps all people to come together as a community (which is what Rethugs don't want).

June 1, 2023

Good sleuthing there, Usonian. Thanks.

I wonder if this will put a damper on efforts to harvest and repurpose Sargassum as food, fertilizer and fuel.

I also wonder if that would make those bacteria strains more likely to contaminate seafood stocks.

Certainly should be a warning to anyone working (or playing) around this stuff.


May 28, 2023

Report it to the cops. That's probably illegal.....

not to mention disturbing the peace. I believe most states have traffic laws that require all motor vehicles on public roads to be registered and driven by licensed drivers, and they don't normally register lawn tractors.

Plus, allowing a minor to do that is flat irresponsible due to safety concerns.....

Even if one disregards the risk to his life, if he causes a car or motorbike to wreck, it would be hell to pay. No license (re driver training) and no insurance is a recipe for disaster.

May 26, 2023

Never heard of an insurrection attempt at a drag show either, but....

lots of American churches actively support insurrectionists........

May 25, 2023

It may be coincidental but unsolicited calls seem lower than usual today.

I typically get 8-to-10 unsolicited calls a day, most all with falsified caller IDs and any that I answer (to play with them) sounds like people from India. Telling them I'm on do not call lists has no effect. This problem has gotten totally our of control the last couple of years. I will always maintain my old-fashioned POTS line for better security in case of emergencies.

The Feds need to do their job and stop this bullshit on services we pay for. I feel it should be illegal for anyone to insert fake caller IDs into phone calls, and if a call is via IP-based phone lines, the IP address should appear on caller ID.

I will never, and never have since 1965, done business with anyone that calls my phone unsolicited.

I'm also pissed that corporations such as insurance companies are selling my info to these scammers.


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