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KY_EnviroGuy's Journal
KY_EnviroGuy's Journal
March 28, 2021

Suez Canal: Why is freeing the stranded ship so complicated? An expert speaks.

Suez Canal: Why is freeing the stranded ship so complicated?
•Mar 27, 2021
DW News

Experts are warning it could take weeks to dislodge a huge container ship blocking Egypt's Suez canal. A fresh attempt today to refloat the vessel was not successful. Around 30 percent of the world’s shipping container volume transits through the canal DAILY. More than a hundred and fifty ships are now backed up, waiting to enter the waterway. The Suez Canal opens up a seven thousand kilometer route from Asia to Europe. The only alternative route - around the Horn of Africa - is much longer, but many ships are now opting for that detour. A prolonged closure of the Suez will almost certainly impact global trade, which has already been hit hard by the pandemic.The ship plugging the chokepoint that funnels 30 percent of the global seaborne trade.400 meters long and weighing more than 200,000 tons, the "Ever Given" has become an immovable barrier shutting down Egypt's Suez Canal. With around 10 billion dollars in trade at stake every day, diggers, tugboats, dredgers and a team of Dutch ship salvagers are working day and night to dislodge the vessel. More than 200 ships are caught in the world's longest maritime traffic jam. Some of them are now rerouting their journey around the Cape of Good Hope, a trip almost three times as long. The fear is that consumers will be noticing the delays before long.With the clock ticking, the US is among a growing list of countries offering help to refloat the Ever Given.DW spoke with maritime expert Dr. Sal Mercogliano about how the ship became lodged and what makes freeing it so complicated.

Good to find this interview with a maritime expert. I was not aware it's grounded on both ends with the middle of the vessel floating and clear, a situation which presents extreme dangers while trying to free the ship.

Hat tip to DW........
March 23, 2021

Ways we can help folks suffering from Monday's shooting in Boulder, CO:

How you can help those impacted by the King Soopers shooting
By Lindsey Grewe
Published: Mar. 23, 2021 at 4:33 PM EDT

Source: https://www.kktv.com/2021/03/23/how-you-can-help-those-impacted-by-the-king-soopers-shooting/

Complete Text:
BOULDER, Colo. (KKTV) - The Boulder Office of Emergency Management has released the following verified ways to donate to those impacted by the senseless massacre at a Boulder King Soopers grocery store.

Donations for @boulderpolice Officer Talley can be made through the Colorado State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police at https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=JWE54STEJ4FTJ

The Colorado Healing Fund is collecting donations to support the needs of victims, families and the community affected by the Boulder tragedy.

See: https://www.coloradohealingfund.org/

The Community Foundation Boulder County has announced a fund to support those impacted by the shooting. Donations can be made to support the needs of the victims, families and the larger impacted community.

See: https://www.commfound.org/

March 23, 2021

Officials: Gun in supermarket shooting bought 6 days earlier

Officials: Gun in supermarket shooting bought 6 days earlier
AP News

Link: https://apnews.com/article/colorado-supermarket-shooting-10-dead-3da92f0d3db65afdb373cc6bb534a711

BOULDER, Colo. (AP) — Police on Tuesday identified a 21-year-old man as the suspect who opened fire inside a crowded Colorado supermarket, and court documents showed that he purchased an assault rifle less than a week before the attack that killed 10 people, including a police officer.

Supermarket employees told investigators that Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa shot an elderly man multiple times Monday outside the Boulder grocery store before going inside, according to the documents. Another person was found shot in a vehicle next to a car registered to suspect’s brother.

The shooting came 10 days after a judge blocked a ban on assault rifles passed by the city of Boulder in 2018. That ordinance and another banning large-capacity magazines came after the 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 people dead.

A lawsuit challenging the bans was filed quickly, backed by the National Rifle Association. The judge struck down the ordinance under a Colorado law that blocks cities from making their own rules about guns.

A law enforcement official briefed on the shooting said the suspect’s family told investigators they believed Alissa was suffering some type of mental illness, including delusions. Relatives described times when Alissa told them people were following or chasing him, which they said may have contributed to the violence, the official said.

One caller said the suspect opened fire out the window of his vehicle. He continued firing in the parking lot and then entered the store, as if in a state of insane rage.

March 22, 2021

Caesar's Legendary Salad and Restaurant

Caesar's Legendary Salad and Restaurant
•May 4, 2020

Caesar's Hotel and Restaurant are located on Avenida de Revolución in Tijuana, Mexico. It is a high-end 5-star restaurant where Caesar's salad was invented. Have Beef Wellington and a tableside prepared original salad.
Truly a culinary memorable experience.

So cool watching the server prepare this salad using the original technique. Shown on their menu, it's $135 prepared at your table.

March 22, 2021

60 Minutes/AU goes for a walk in the Scottish Highlands with Mabel, Olive and Andrew.

Relax with this great 4-min. video by 60 Minutes Australia. Love where Andrew says one of their best fan letters said the puppers makes an elderly woman with dementia smile each time she sees their YouTube series.

A walk through the Scottish Highlands with Mabel, Olive and Andrew Cotter
60 Minutes Australia

•Nov 2, 2020

Olive and Mabel are the best friends of Andrew Cotter, a famous Scottish sports commentator. He was forced off air when the pandemic hit but refused to take unemployment lying down. Andrew saw magic in the mundane lives of his mutts and in doing so turned them into worldwide internet sensations, with his videos reaching millions of people and making them all smile.


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