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KY_EnviroGuy's Journal
KY_EnviroGuy's Journal
February 24, 2021

BBC: Hillary Clinton to publish State of Terror novel

Hillary Clinton to publish State of Terror novel
BBC World News

Link: https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-56174654

Hillary Clinton has written her first novel, a thriller featuring a US government "dangerously out of touch" amid a series of terror attacks.

State of Terror, which follows a novice secretary of state, will be released on 12 October 2021. Mrs Clinton, a former presidential hopeful, secretary of state and first lady, penned the book in partnership with author Louise Penny.

It explores a world of "high stakes diplomacy and treachery" she said.
Canadian crime author Penny, known for the Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series, said it was "an incredible experience to get inside the State Department, inside the White House, inside the mind of the secretary of state as high stake crises explode".

Credit: Joe McNally and Jean Francois-Berube

Anyone else feel those two could pass for sisters?

This book should make for an interesting read and I wish Sec. Clinton well with its promotion.

February 23, 2021

UPDATE Fan Blade Failure B777-200 Denver UAL 328

UAL 328 UPDATE Fan Blade Failure B777-200 22 Feb 2021
Feb 22, 2021
blancolirio YouTube Channel

This is a follow-up to my post on the original incident last Saturday....

Discussion on today's Boeing 777 airline incident by a 777 pilot

See: https://www.democraticunderground.com/1017642005

In this video, pilot Juan Browne reviews what appears to have happened to this engine and what UAL's pilots went through during the emergency landing. It's comforting to those who fly regularly to hear an experienced pilot describe their safety procedures used for these events.


February 21, 2021

Discussion on today's Boeing 777 airline incident by a 777 pilot.

I follow this guy's YouTube channel for specifics on any aircraft incident large or small. Very knowledgeable and thorough.

See: https://www.youtube.com/user/blancolirio/videos

February 18, 2021

NASA Mars Perseverance Rover live coverage schedule and crash course video..

See: https://www.nasa.gov/nasalive


Feb. 18, Thursday
12:30 p.m.—Perseverance Mars Rover landing day livestream for all students
2:15 p.m.—NASA will provide multiple feeds of live landing coverage of the Perseverance Mars Rover, leading up to the rover's landing at approximately 3:55 p.m. EST.

NASA TV coverage, with mission commentary, will be available on this page
A "clean" feed of views inside mission control and mission audio only, will be available on NASA TV's media channel and the JPLraw YouTube Channel
A 360-degree view inside mission control will be available on JPL's YouTube channel

2:30 p.m.—"Juntos Perseveramos": live Spanish-language landing commentary on NASA en Español’s YouTube channel.
5:30 p.m. (no earlier than)—Perseverance Mars Rover post-landing coverage

NASA's web page for this mission: https://mars.nasa.gov/mars2020/

and this: https://www.nasa.gov/perseverance

JPL's web page for this mission: https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/missions/mars-2020-perseverance-rover

Good overview video on this mission:

Mars Rover Landing CRASH COURSE- 1 DAY LEFT!
•Feb 14, 2021

Best of luck, JPL and NASA.......
February 13, 2021

Reminder: Avoid frozen and burst water pipes and huge plumbing bills.

Just a reminder for everyone to consider letting one of your faucets drip during this long cold snap. In Kentucky, we're predicted to have below freezing weather all through this week, with the worst on Tuesday night. Especially if you have pipes under your house, it's best to use the faucet furthest from where your water service enters your home.

For many years, I place a bucket under our bathtub faucet and adjust the cold tap for a very slow drip (double-checking it periodically) and it does the trick. The purpose of the bucket is so I can see the drip rate easily. Our water likes to freeze out in the meter pit first so I also started placing a garbage can lid over the meter cover with a brick on it to insure it doesn't blow away.

It takes time for the ground to freeze to buried pipe depth but the process is sped up by wind and lower temperatures.

Don't forget to run your cars a bit more often in this cold, as extreme temperatures are hard on weak batteries. Always watch your car's temperature as is heats up so you can shut it off quickly in case there's an ice plug in the cooling system.

This is the voice of one who learned all these things the hard way, LOL........

February 5, 2021

BBC: How will 'chipageddon' affect you?

How will 'chipageddon' affect you?
BBC World News
By Leo Kelion, Technology desk editor

Read here: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-55936011

There was a hint of the problem last year when gamers struggled to buy new graphics cards, Apple had to stagger the release of its iPhones, and the latest Xbox and PlayStation consoles came nowhere close to meeting demand.

Then, just before Christmas, it emerged the resurgent car industry was facing what one insider called "chipageddon". New cars often include more than 100 microprocessors - and manufacturers were quite simply unable to source them all. Since then, one technology company after another has warned they too face constraints.
The consultancy AlixPartners has forecast the automotive industry will lose $64bn (£47bn) of sales because it has had to close or reduce output.
That has raised concern in the States, where one lobby group called the current crisis the "canary in the coal mine" for future supply-line shortages. And a group of 15 senators has written to President Biden urging him to take action to "incentivise the domestic production of semiconductors in the future".

Thirty or forty years ago, who would have dreamed American auto production could be restrained over shortages of tiny semiconductor chips made in foreign lands?

I'm currently researching the build of a new computer for my granddaughter with a good graphics card for video editing and will likely feel the sting of this issue. Those devices, solid-state drives and memory modules are very pricey right now.

Just another inflationary effect of COVID-19 that will not disappear anytime soon.


February 2, 2021

Next up will be lawn moles rising up to chew holes in our car tires.

My amateur theory is that Russia has a super computer that generates insane random theories from a database of stuff from old editions of Mad magazine, Popular Science and The Inquirer.

Seriously, I do believe Russia plants the seeds for the majority of this crap and people like Alex Jones eat it up like candy. Those seeds sprout in right-wing blogs and social media and spread globally in just a few days.

And here I am in covid isolation watching videos on science, music and "how stuff works"......


February 2, 2021

There's an important factor relating to the January 6 event that's rarely discussed.

tRump's fans were brainwashed and filled with resentment and anger well before they traveled to Washington and that formed a powder keg ready to be lit by his speech. I read though a transcript of the speech and it was peppered with lies, deceptions and inflammatory terms - more than enough to light them off. It's been the same with all his speeches since 2015.

Right-wing media like talk radio, Faux News and hundreds of right-wing sites on social media are just as guilty as tRump. We also need to add in all those rallies around the country that I'm sure finalized the deal for many of them for complete dedication to their Fuhrer. He does know how to fire up a crowd.

tRump knows he can't come out and tell them to commit a crime, but instead he has to use suggestive dog-whistle language to deliver the payload. All of it then goes into the RW echo chamber to be repeated a million times.

Most republican politicians use this highly inflammatory language every day to bond themselves to their gullible subjects. Let's remember all this right-wing garbage also goes into the global echo chamber, thereby doing damage elsewhere.

KY rant done.....

February 1, 2021

Should President Biden and VP Harris give periodic fireside/dogside chats on TV?

I think so and it would demonstrate leadership as well as provide emotional comfort to our citizens.

I remember as a kid in the 50s and 60s particularly, the president holding occasional national addresses on radio and TV and I don't think it was always during times of emergency. I vaguely recall Ike, JFK, LBJ and Carter all giving reassuring talks to the nation, and virtually everyone tuned in to listen to the message.

We really are in an emergency situation and war stance with COVID-19 and the nation needs to feel the sense of strong leadership, which the Biden Administration is in the process of building.

I also would like to see both Joe and Kamala do special periodic TV spots to thank our front line medical groups as well as the millions of essential workers.

Just curious about DU's feelings on this is and if you're positive about it, how we might help get it done.

KY....... ........

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