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Gender: Male
Hometown: TN, KY
Home country: USA
Current location: KY
Member since: Thu Jul 6, 2017, 06:43 PM
Number of posts: 14,162

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Perhaps mass shootings should be treated more like aircraft crash investigations.

Investigations into shootings are kept within law enforcement agencies but they don't report to the public on the true social and psychological causes of behind each event. I believe most investigations take several months and by then, the public has forgotten about it.

We're all shocked when these things happen and there's the typical tons of thoughts and prayers, vigils and all the obligatory press conferences with first responders and local elected officials. Wash, rinse, repeat just like we have this week.

In contrast, the NTSB investigates all causes leading up to an aircraft accident including mental, physical and emotional issues with all involved personnel and a complete review and testing of the aircraft equipment. Their reports are available to the public and are very thorough and readable and their recommendations are usually taken seriously.

Perhaps there should be a special commission established independent from law enforcement and justice agencies with the charge of investigating any shooting incident where greater than a certain number killed or seriously wounded, and charged with reporting to the communities and American public the clear causes and suggested remedies.

Current incident reporting steers away from blaming social and psychological factors such as racism, mental illness or deficiencies in community leadership or law enforcement due to the politics involved. Therefore in most cases, I believe the public never officially hears the root causes of most mass shootings.

I suppose my main point is that law enforcement and other city/county/state officials (including school employees) have vested interests to protect against accepting blame or responsibility, yet the incident reports come from them. Therefore, I feel independent investigations are needed and appropriate.

As an example, I believe that's the case with the NTSB since they have considerable independence from law enforcement, the airlines and aircraft manufacturers and from the FAA. They do have considerable power to access the accident scene and materials and any records created by law enforcement, records of aircraft maintenance, FAA flight records, etc. and they are given the manpower and funding to do the job right.

We've got to do something different because America is steadily becoming more awash with guns......

KY rant done......

Addition, 12/1/21 (thanks to Brooklynite for the question):

Thoughts on why independent mass shooting investigative commission(s) might provide relief and possibly reduce gun violence, deaths and injury:

1. Far better closure for families and friends of victims and for communities. Knowing that commission reports would be relatively free of blame shifting, coverups and political influence, grieving parties could better reach closure and communities and states might be better incentivized to make changes in laws, protective measures for schools and businesses, and to reform law enforcement practice and policy.

In other words, prejudiced and protected vested interests would be removed from reporting and creation of potential solutions.

2. Law enforcement would still be in charge of the basic criminal investigation but would additionally report to and work with the commission on a coordinated schedule.

3. Picking up where law enforcement efforts usually end, such commissions would investigate the influence of any suspect's environment, psychology and social exposure such as bullying, involvement in radial groups and use of social media. Therefore, commission members would need to have strong legal teeth in it's directive in order to access personal records and evidence of numerous types and it would need the legal power to call witnesses and related professionals for interviews.

By calling in help from whatever expertise is required such as psychologists, engineers/architects, building security experts, educators, etc., their reports would have authority and credibility far beyond the capabilities of local law enforcement.

4. Independent mass shooting investigative commission(s) would provide reporting to, and work with agencies nation-wide, state legislatures and Congress to help reduce shooting incidents and not just reporting to one local community. However, their highest priority would be to inform the public rather than allowing reports to be covered up, side-lined and buried.

We have both the NTSB and CSB (U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board) as examples of independent agencies with authority that can help prevent future incidents that endanger public health and safety.


Dem merchandise Black Friday sale on DGA website

Received this by email today:


Love this sweatshirt......


Tuesday (23rd) is Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's birthday.

His web page with contact info: https://www.schumer.senate.gov/

Email Chuck with a birthday wish if you like: https://www.schumer.senate.gov/contact/email-chuck

or, mail him a card or leave a phone message here:

Honorable Senator Chuck Schumer
322 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
Phone: (202) 224-6542
Fax: (202) 228-3027

KY....... ....... ....... .......

Enjoy! S. Carolina's Gullah Geechee face land loss from climate change, development

S. Carolina's Gullah Geechee face land loss from climate change, development | Nightline
Nov 12, 2021
ABC News

Gullah Geechee, descendants of some of the first African slaves in the U.S., have lived and farmed South Carolina's Sea Islands for generations but persistent flooding is threatening their identity.

I spent over a year in the Low Country on an environmental field engineering job and will never forget the experience. The people are humble, good workers and sportsmen (everyone owns a boat - pronounced bowut) and like Louisiana, everyone loves to cook. It took me a month or so to learn to understand their way of speaking (do you know what "get shittin" means?). They taught me how to fish in salt water, catch shrimp and gather and shuck oysters and how to cook some of their dishes like a pilaf.

Each Sunday, it was a sight to see as the black citizens walked along US17 and country roads dressed in their finest to their favorite AME church with the activities lasting most of the day.


Good simple graphic on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal....

for passing along to our friends with questions:

Twitter page:
Graphic (made from screenshot) for saving to disk:

Credits: The Democrats Twitter page.


That St. Louis couple with guns pointed at BLM carries extra meaning now. Lookie who was in Kenosha.

Photo credit: Yahoo! News
(BLM event from June, 2020)

St Louis couple that aimed guns at BLM activists appear outside Kenosha courthouse to support Kyle Rittenhouse
Yahoo! News
Justin Vallejo
Mon, November 15, 2021

Link: https://news.yahoo.com/st-louis-couple-aimed-guns-004425808.html

Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who pleaded guilty to waiving their guns as a group of Black Lives Matter activists approached their home, appeared at Kenosha County Courthouse in support of Kyle Rittenhouse.

While closing arguments took place in the trial, the Missouri US Senate candidate and his wife were heckled by protesters outside the court as they defended Mr Rittenhouse as an example of cancel culture.

“I feel bad for anybody who gets destroyed in the press for doing no more than protecting themselves and their fellow citizens. There is a cancel culture in this country that destroys the ability to tell the truth, to be honestly portrayed in the press,” Mr McCloskey told reporters.

“That’s why we’re up here, to show that there is a right to defend yourself, there is truth, there is reality, and despite what the mainstream media says, despite what the president of the United States may say, the jury in this trial heard the facts, and we’re hoping that they find Kyle Rittenhouse innocent of all counts.”

People like the McCloskeys are the biggest problem we have in the USA right now. They are white, privileged, wealthy, filled with tRumped-up fear, they are hopelessly brainwashed and they're typical of wealthy minions that fund the GOP.

The real cancel culture to be feared in our nation is the one promoted by right-wing elements that aim to squash all resistance and right to protest racial and economic inequality and injustice.


What a momentous, head-spinner of a day.

November 19, 2021:

Was thinking late this afternoon about the unusual number of notable events today and made a list to help me unwind and as a mental and emotional brain download.

Please excuse any errors of grammar, context or accuracy, as I simply wanted a bullet list to record for memories:

* Once in a lifetime total eclipse of the moon visible across the U.S. observed around 4a.m EST. It was fantastic to see here in KY.

* For the first time in U.S. history, a lady took the reins of our Federal Government; in this case for a few hours while our President was receiving a medical procedure at Walter Reed. Vice President Kamala Harris surely has a warm glow of joy tonight.

* The U.S. House of Representatives pass a landmark Build Back Better government appropriations bill that will - pending Senate approval - enable many of President Biden's planned social relief programs.

* A young man who killed two people and wounded a third vigilante-style with an assault rifle during unrest amid conflicts between opposing protest factions in Kenosha, Wisconsin was found not guilty of all charges by a jury trial.

* Julius Jones' life is spared just hours before he was scheduled to be executed in an Oklahoma prison resulting from a murder conviction 20 years ago, with clemency granted by Governor Stitt. However, it was not a full pardon and at least for now he will remain in prison for life.

* The President inches toward neutering or replacing USPS Postmaster General Louis DeJoy and not a day too soon.

* (on edit, 11/20, thanks Malaise!) The President was given a clean bill of health at Walter Reed and prepares to celebrate his birthday with family and friends on Saturday.

* Corona virus spread is worsening in numerous European nations including Austria, Germany and the UK, with Austria facing renewed total lockdown. Wingnuts and stock markets did not like this development.

* Famine and severe poverty conditions worsen in numerous parts of the world, notably Afghanistan and parts of Africa. Congo officials have appealed directly to the U.S for help. With COVID-19 adding to their troubles, it's going to be a rough winter for many around the globe.

* Severe flooding continues to keep thousands stranded in south-western Canada, with additional rain predicted.

* President Biden pardons turkeys Peanut Butter and Jelly ahead of Thanksgiving, the first pardons of his administration. Peanut Butter loudly voiced his appreciation before the crowd of visitors and staff.

* Jimmy Hoffa: Deathbed confession sparks long-missing US union boss body hunt after 50 years missing.

Whew! Feel free to add any noteworthy items that are buzzing around in your head. The birds have food and water for tomorrow and it's now time for a nap. Let's hope tomorrow is a much more peaceful day.

KY....... .......

Century's Longest Eclipse is Coming and You Shouldn't Miss It!

Century's Longest Eclipse is Coming and You Shouldn't Miss It!
Nov 14, 2021
The Secrets of the Universe

The century's longest partial lunar eclipse will take place on November 19. The partial lunar eclipse of November 2021 will last 3 hours, 28 minutes, and 23 seconds to be exact, and 97% of the Moon will be covered in Earth's shadow. NASA says it will be an almost total lunar eclipse. The forthcoming eclipse will also be the longest partial lunar eclipse in 580 years.

The eclipse can be seen from Oceania, the Americas, Eastern Asia, Northern Europe, and Indonesia. It will be visible from all the 50 states of the US from 02:19 EST to 05:47 EST.

Lunar eclipse map credits: Dominic Ford, in-the-sky
Space apps: https://bit.ly/space_apps_2021
Basics of Astrophysics series: https://bit.ly/3xII54M

#astronomy #space #andromedagalaxy #science

Chilly observations in KY tonight......... .......

Is the lunar eclipse still on tonight?

Just wanted to make sure Republicans have not legislated a ban on eclipses known to be bad for bidness....

Catch this month's lunar eclipse, the longest of the century
To enjoy a spectacular Blood Moon, all you need is a clear sky.
By Michael E. Bakich
Astronomy Magazine
Published: Thursday, November 18, 2021

Link: https://astronomy.com/magazine/news/2021/11/catch-this-months-lunar-eclipse

On Friday, Nov. 19, the Sun, Earth, and the Moon (in that order) will line up and most of Moon will trek through Earth’s umbra, the darkest part of its shadow. Although this won’t be a total lunar eclipse, it’ll be darn close. At mid-eclipse, 97 percent of our only natural satellite will be covered by Earth’s umbra.

Observers with clear skies should be able to spot nearly all the effects that are visible during a total lunar eclipse. This wouldn’t be the case if it were a partial solar eclipse (with 3 percent of the Sun’s face uncovered, you would miss out on Baily’s beads, diamond rings, and the solar corona). In other words, we’re lucky Luna is the star of this month’s show.

Who will see it?

Anyone located on the nighttime side of our planet during this eclipse will catch at least some of it. Observers throughout North America will have the prime views, with only people along the Atlantic coast missing the Moon’s passage through the penumbra (the lighter, outer part of Earth’s shadow), which usually isn’t visible anyway.

When and where?

The start of the eclipse, when the Moon first touches our planet’s penumbra, occurs at 1:02:09 a.m. EST. Luna enters the umbra beginning at 2:18:43 a.m. EST and leaves it at 5:47:07 a.m. EST. The eclipse officially ends when the Moon departs the penumbra at 7:03:44 a.m. EST. Greatest eclipse, at which point the Moon is as deep in Earth’s umbra as it will get, occurs at 4:02:56 a.m. EST.

Artwork courtesy of Astronomy Magazine


Maybe one of these meetings should be required prior to voting.

....or two or three or ten.......

I'm old enough to remember when everyday citizens - both Democrat and Republican - talked with no prejudice or concern for politics, mostly about community and family or fishing or baseball. Politics was almost never discussed except a little around election time.

We need something to get us all talking again.

Thanks for posting this, FM123. It is both healing and inspirational and gives us a ray of hope.

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