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Gender: Male
Hometown: TN, KY
Home country: USA
Current location: KY
Member since: Thu Jul 6, 2017, 07:43 PM
Number of posts: 14,413

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Question for moms and dads of daughters in the 12 YO age range.

I have a granddaughter that's a book worm and good student (her mom's a school teacher) and she loves reading the popular graphic novels. She's read most of the Babysitter's Club series and I would like to buy her some of another series. A book search on Amazon lists way too many confusing choices for this old man....

She's not much interested in sports but likes science themes, geography and topics of general interest.

Can anyone here make some recommendations for good graphic novel sets for kids her age?

Trump lies to the world again - this time about oil supply.

The lies:
Text: Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
Because we have done so well with Energy over the last few years (thank you, Mr. President!), we are a net Energy Exporter, & now the Number One Energy Producer in the World. We donít need Middle Eastern Oil & Gas, & in fact have very few tankers there, but will help our Allies!
7:32 AM - Sep 16, 2019

With an appropriate response from Daniel Dale:
(Reporter for CNN, fact-checking politicians - Washington DC)
Text: Daniel Dale @ddale8
The US did not become the #1 energy producer because of Trump; it happened under Obama in 2012.
US is not a net energy exporter; the EIA predicts it will happen by next year.
US imported 30 million barrels per month from the Gulf as of June; that number has fallen under Trump.
7:55 AM - Sep 16, 2019

And, US diplomat Richard Haass, who chairs the Council on Foreign Relations think tank, adds some good points:
Text: Richard N. Haass @RichardHaass
We not only have the fog of war in the Middle East as to the attacks on Saudi oil, but also the fog of foreign policy when it comes to the United States. Potus accuses Iran w/o clear evidence, denies readiness for Iran talks w/o preconditions, and still has no clear aims re Iran
6:33 AM - Sep 16, 2019

Graphic show Saudi oil facilities and where their oil goes:

Source: https://twitter.com/SPGlobalPlatts

Why can't this horrible man be held accountable for lying to the world for statements that have substantial impact on the world's safety, well-being and economy?

The man-child also never misses an opportunity to pump up his huge ego.....

If one wants to be closer to the truth, flip everything he says to the opposite.

Everyone that's done much photography knows that incandescent lighting casts an orangish hue to your photos when using daylight-balanced cameras and film. That's the reason Kodak made special film with color correction for incandescent lighting.

If anything, typical energy efficient LED or fluorescent lighting would make him look blue or overexposed.......

Clarification: any exposure to him is overexposed........

Owning a dog means playing God - a pet owner's story.

Owning a dog means playing God. It's a role no human wants to play:
Neil Macdonald

CBC News

Link: https://www.cbc.ca/news/opinion/lola-charley-1.5273073

Oh, one other thing people who don't own dogs don't have to do: assume the role of God. Sooner or later, like Jack the Beagle did, the dog will grow quiet, and start spending hours far back in a closet.

So you take the little fellow to the vet, hoping maybe it was something he'd eaten, or slurped up in a mud puddle, but really you know what's probably happening. And the vet will poke a bit, and look at his gums, and say well, he's getting older, maybe after a few tests we'll know better.
I know, First World problems. And I know we anthropomorphize our pets. But anyone who speaks dog will understand.

I swear Lola gazes at us with utter trust. She has no idea what's coming. For now, I take her to the beach every day, and she takes long swims in the warm September river water and glories in fighting Charley for sticks, but she yips in pain sometimes.

I saw a bumper sticker once that stayed with me: "God help me become the person my dog thinks I am."

I don't have the heart for this. Meaning, of course, that I'm the failure.

I ran across this while reviewing the storm damage in Canada and thought I would share.

Don't currently have a dog but from past experience, I can relate.........
Posted by KY_EnviroGuy | Sun Sep 8, 2019, 01:58 PM (7 replies)

This is his Twitter page - you can read it all. He emerged alive.

Josh Morgerman

Link: https://twitter.com/iCyclone

Posted by KY_EnviroGuy | Wed Sep 4, 2019, 08:36 AM (0 replies)
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