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KY_EnviroGuy's Journal
KY_EnviroGuy's Journal
January 31, 2019

Mr. Plutocracy speaks again.

Mitch is just upset because we're trying to tear down the means by which they built a Repug majority for the corporate world.

Corporate power all this free-market freak has ever been about. His lifeblood has always supporting Big Tobacco, Big Healthcare, or big anything that strips the public of power.

As we've been trying to do since he was first elected, Ditch Mitch......

January 29, 2019

It helps my nerves to try and understand them and...

determine in what tiny ways I can help counteract their destruction to our government, economy, culture and society.

Republicans, the international right-wing and their global big money supporters have us trapped in a vicious cycle that spirals us downward in many, many ways. And, what hurts the most is that they're using our money derived from profits from our purchases of goods and services to do it. They've accumulated enough resources to keep this gradual downward cycle going for a very long time.

Although as a scientific-type it's helped me to try and understand their deranged primitive psyche, it's depressing to know that so long as we have the global political structures we live under now, it really won't get better long-term. Until we solve the massive global economic, racial and human rights inequality issues, I fear we're stuck under the thumbs of a handful of psychopathic plutocrats.

Thank goodness for American Democrats. We're one of the few positive shining lights around the world........

January 29, 2019

We'll see more of this in time.

Especially when rising sea levels flood city storm sewers, water systems are polluted with salt water, and underground electrical systems are flooded on our coasts. These will all be going bankrupt and/or begging for federal rescue.

January 28, 2019

This is what Russia wants for all democratic nations.

'Meaner and angrier': Brexit exposes growing fractures in UK society
Survey shows Britons becoming more intolerant, politically disillusioned and disunited
Andrew Sparrow @AndrewSparrow
Mon 28 Jan 2019 00.01 GMT

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/jan/28/meaner-and-angrier-brexit-exposes-growing-fractures-in-uk-society

Britons have become angrier since the referendum to leave the EU, according to a survey which suggests there is widespread unhappiness about the direction in which the country is heading.

Sixty-nine per cent of respondents said they felt their fellow citizens had become “angrier about politics and society” since the Brexit vote in 2016, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer, a long-established, annual survey of trust carried out across the globe.

Forty per cent of people think others are now more likely to take part in violent protests, the UK results from the survey show, even though violent political protest in Britain is rare. One person in six said they had fallen out with friends or relatives over the vote to leave the bloc, the survey found.

It's been plain as the noses on our faces that Russia - in concert with several other state actors - is changing many of our societies and cultures to be splintered and at constant odds with one another. These evil people want all democratic-minded peoples to be divided and every single person living in their tiny little bubble into which they can inject their dogma.

We must somehow fight this trend and come together.......
January 27, 2019


What I'm calling "streaming receiver boxes" (for the lack of an official technical name) is the little box or stick that connects to your TV that you buy from Roku, Amazon, Apple or NVIDIA. I personally don't care for Amazon because they're constantly trying to hook me into paying for Amazon Prime, which I refuse to do.

One thing that concerns me in your reply is this statement: "I *do* have DSL/wifi/router-modem". If your internet comes in through a DSL phone line AND unless it's an exceptionally fast service, I seriously doubt if it will be fast enough for TV.

For example, my DSL line at best does around 1.0mbps, and that's annoyingly slow just for my computer. It definitely would not have enough bandwidth to feed a TV, much less my computer and a TV.

You can run a speed test on your system here: https://www.speedtest.net/

These are articles on suggested WIFI speeds for good quality TV:



Netflix requires at least a 0.5 megabits per second (Mbps) connection at the bare minimum, and they recommend a 1.5 Mbps to even stream video at the lowest quality. You should expect essentially home video-level entertainment at this broadband speed.

The company recommends at least 3.0 Mbps for DVD-quality video streaming, and they bump that number up to 5.0 Mbps for HD-quality performance. Netflix claims that TV shows originally encoded in HD will play in 720p resolution or better provided that 5.0 Mbps bandwidth threshold is met.

Netflix even supports higher resolutions when available, but their bandwidth recommendations increase to 7.0 Mbps for Netflix Super HD format. For the few of you that enjoy 3D television content, the Internet speed recommendation is 12.0 Mbps. Remember that these are recommendations: for example, it is possible to occasionally stream HD video at 3.0 Mbps, but expect pixelation and lag, especially if there is heavy Internet traffic.

In my case, what I plan to do is drop my DSL service and have AT&T install a Uverse line and only their basic modem, which should provide enough bandwidth for both computer and TV. I'll probably then add my own fast WIFI router to that device, particularly if their WIFI is poor. I intend to connect my computer directly to their modem via an Ethernet cable.

Note that my only choices for internet service here are Spectrum cable (formally Time-Warner), AT&T DSL and AT&T Uverse.

If DSL is all you have available, AND your speed test is low, you could talk to your ISP to see if they have line upgrades available. Otherwise, depending on what's available, you could change to a high-speed service via cable or something like Uverse. The great part is that you're only paying for basic internet service and not paying rent for their set-top boxes and content subscriptions.

Glad I could help with this and it's been a refresher for me, which I needed to do for changing my service anyway. I'm a retired engineer and enjoy helping others where I can, as that's a big part of my lifeblood these days.

January 27, 2019

UTUSN, here's some good reference info for you....

These are some WIFI-TV system reviews that may help understand your choices:

The best streaming devices for 2019 - Digital Trends
Link: https://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/best-streaming-devices/

The Best Media Streaming Devices for 2019 - PC Magazine
Who needs cable? We pit the highest-rated streaming boxes and sticks against one another to find out which one is your best bet for watching shows, movies, and more on your television.
Link: https://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2421457,00.asp

The 12 Best Devices to Buy in 2019 for Streaming TV - Life Wire
Cut cords with the cable companies and stream your content to your TV
Link: https://www.lifewire.com/best-devices-to-buy-for-streaming-tv-4061016

Here are some links to the equipment supplier's web sites (there may be others):

1. Roku: https://www.roku.com/how-it-works

2. Amazon (Fire TV): https://www.amazon.com/b/ref=d_devcp_smp_img/ref=s9_acss_bw_cg_deviceCP_2c1_w?ie=UTF8&node=8521791011&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-top-2&pf_rd_r=75140YPH3ZGY5DQDT1ZQ&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=12532529-74fe-4b68-8961-93cf88d8719a&pf_rd_i=2102313011

3. Google Chromecast TV: https://store.google.com/product/chromecast

4. Apple TV: https://www.apple.com/tv/

5. Nvidia Shield: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/shield/

Most of these boxes can be bought either directly from the manufacturer or from web stores such as Amazon, Best Buy, etc.

This all gets very confusing to me. Please understand the difference between the streaming receiver boxes (Roku, Fire TV, etc.) and the optional subscription content providers (Netflix, Hulu, etc.). You buy the box first with their FREE content, then subscribe to optional content if you desire.....somewhat like basic cable TV and their optional entertainment/sports packages.

Good luck!.........

January 27, 2019

UTUSN, here's some basics....

1. The only true "cutting the cord" is using an old-fashioned antenna to receive digital TV from regular broadcast stations. Most newer TVs have built-in digital tuners and you can still buy digital-to-analog converters for older TVs. Just like the old days, this programming is FREE. Here in the Louisville area, we get all three major networks plus PBS stations. In addition, each of those broadcasts several sub-channels, so you get a lot of programming - although some of it is older stuff like re-runs.

2. Cutting the cord is a misnomer for most people because (for example) for the programming you listed, you must at least have high-speed internet. That's where the big change comes in though, because instead of getting your TV signals via a cable or satellite modem and expensive monthly subscription, you will be getting your video and audio "streamed" in over the internet with much cheaper subscription fees. So, you will at least need to have a good internet service with a WIFI modem (the modem can also feed your computer via WIFI or Ethernet cable).

3. A "modem" simply an electronics box that converts a service provider's information transmission signal (cable RF, satellite RF, DSL, etc.) to signals your equipment can process and use. For example, my AT&T DSL line modem converts the DSL signal superimposed on my telephone line into a standard data stream my computer can talk to via an Ethernet or USB cable.

4. "Streaming" simply means that the TV programming (audio and video) is fed continuously from the internet modem to your TV conversion device (Roku, Firestick, etc.), as opposed to time-sharing data streams that might be in multi-computer systems.

5. So, you can use a combination of programming off an antenna (assuming you can get reception at your location) and streaming programming from the internet. That's what we do here. I've actually had friends that had been on cable so long they didn't even know about the free stuff off a simple antenna (I set one up temporarily using a set of old beat-up rabbit ears. The lady said wow, now I can watch my soaps again!).

6. So, once you have your high-speed WIFI internet box set up, the next step is to select a receiver unit such as a Roku box (or stick) that converts the WIFI stream to signals your TV can process. These units typically connect to your TV either via a HDMI cable or older type video/audio (red/white/yellow) connectors. For example, the Roku boxes cost between $30 and $80, depending on features and they include a remote control. I hope some other folks her can comment on other systems that are available, such as Hulu and Amazon (I'm using Roku as my example because it's one I've been studying for my home).

7. After you have your internet and your TV converter receiver set up, then you choose any optional programming you want to pay for. All these systems give you lots of FREE programming, so you just have to buy the box and pay your monthly internet fee to a cable company such as Time Warner or AT&T.

8. You would set up an account say, with Roku, and then you can turn optional programming "channels" on and off as you wish. So, for example, if you only wanted to watch NFL coverage during the playoffs and Super Bowl, you could switch that channel "on" only for say, a couple of months. Same with movie channels.

Hope this helps you get started and you can PM me or answer this post with any questions. Others here that have more experience than me in using these services can help with the details, too.

January 25, 2019

No contest for my tastes - Anita Kerr

These are songs by her group, The Anita Kerr Singers. She is the soprano and probably the most beautiful female voice I've ever heard. First heard her voice with her group in the 60s as Nashville studio backup singers for dozens of top country hits, many under the production work of Chet Atkins. She then took her musical efforts to California and later on to Europe.

Anita Kerr Singers - If Ever I Would Leave You


and, The Anita Kerr Singers ?– Reflect On The Hits Of Burt Bacharach & Hal David

Also check out her album on YouTube: The Anita Kerr Singers ?– Mellow Moods Of Love 1965 (full album)

Kudos to those mentioning Karen Carpenter and Allison Krauss - love them both, too!......
January 24, 2019

One thing is a given here, and not discussed much...

no matter who wins this battle, Venezuela has a very, very long road to recovery considering decades of corruption and mismanagement. From what I've read, their oil industry has been gutted of most all expertise to return it to full viability and they will have tens of thousands of returning expats to eventually deal with.

It's hard to imagine an entire nation afoul with corruption and graft: the government (local and federal), the military, industry, small business and their media. And, they have the Chavez/Maduro cult to deal with.

Like many other nations, the corruption is so entrenched and endemic, they need a huge reset button to hit and just start from scratch. Who could possibly unwind such a mess?

To quote, from Caracas Chronicles:

Venezuela has lived through so many calamities in the last few years, we always tend to fall into the trap of thinking it can’t get any worse. It can get much, much worse. A civil war would obviously invite international intervention, on both sides. A Caribbean Syria, layered on top of a pre-existing food crisis, could make 2018 look like the good-old-days in retrospect.

........ .........
January 24, 2019

Humanity suffers from being enamored by many myths....

such as the ones called free markets, security and individualism. However, like socialism, those are all very fluid terms subject to political winds.

Corruption, pathological grandiosity and greed may well be our worst common enemies, all of which have plagued our entire history.

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