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Name: Pet Rock
Gender: Male
Hometown: TN, KY
Home country: USA
Current location: KY
Member since: Thu Jul 6, 2017, 07:43 PM
Number of posts: 12,948

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Child marriage violates basic human rights. Period.

All humans should be allowed to mature enough to make sound, rational decisions on their own regarding something that will radically affect their entire adult life.

No culture, religion, government or society should be able to strip any human - male or female - of that basic right.

nuf sed.

Posted by KY_EnviroGuy | Fri Mar 2, 2018, 04:23 PM (0 replies)

She's just eye-candy for the Bubbas. They've been schooled by Murdoch.

Just like Faux News, the right-wingers know that on the TV screen, they have to get the instant attention of mature men, so they use attractive women like her and typically show many square yards of cleavage and leg skin to keep them fixated.

Then, the square-jawed white guys with big shoulder pads step in and tell us using lies and deception of how they are going to royally screw us from behind. Rupert Murdoch and Rodger Ailes used this method successfully for many years, and it still works.

Being an older white male myself that was raised to hold women with respect and high regard, I still struggle to understand how and why these women allow themselves to be used as Republican shills, serial liars and sexualized eye-bait.

.......... ..........

IronLionZion, love that part of the country!

Did a lot of service jobs up and down the Ohio before retiring, mainly chemical and power plants and mills. Good work ethic, so these folks can adapt. Never forget seeing the shuttered industries and desperate communities on the river, including in Pittsburgh.

That's why it's so important for us to re-capture our government so it works to help people first rather than corporate interests. Corporate America and international corps have shown us hundreds of times that they could care less about people laid off, as plants, stores and mines close to enhance corporate interests.

We should be a taking preemptive smart approach as an industry begins to struggle and start the process of retraining, and give folks basic support until they can make it again on their own. Further, the companies causing the dilemma should be required to help.

tRump did America a terrible disservice by implying that the coal industry can be revived. Having working in many of these plants, I know they are very capital investment intensive in that they require very expensive annual maintenance costs, and then there's the issue of ash disposal that really never has been addressed. Those are among the reasons natural gas drove the last nail in that coffin.

Our very own hard-to-come-by earnings trickling upwards have tainted our nation.

Unrestrained capitalism has no conscious, generosity or compassion and has slowly bought out our politicians and government. It also has no respect for long-standing norms, traditions or morals, or for the earth and its environment.

Corporate goals are primarily increasing control of every aspect of our lives, with greed being the highest honor. Just look at what receives Wall Street's applause each quarter (ever increasing efficiency, sales and margins - apparently with no limits). To further these corporate goals, rampant consumerism, individualism and entertainment has now become primary life-objectives of most of our citizens.

For the first time in my recollection, the international corporate world has almost 100% control of the American system of government. This is clearly evident by the actions of this administration and the Republican-controlled congress.

Until we remove the power of wealth to influence elections and our politician's thinking and motives, I feel we're doomed to fail. This situation is not getting any better. My opinion has always been that a person's ability to influence elections and government should not be in proportion to one's wealth.

Not intending to lecture here 'cause I'm sure you're well aware of these major issues. Just needing to vent.

Solar panels are now a commodity item like socks and toys.

We didn't just turn it over, it was there for the taking.

Just like clothing and the bulk of semiconductors, they are now mass produced using automation and very cheap labor. China also has a heavy hand in controlling access to some of the basic raw materials. Therefore, it's almost impossible for us to compete. Even if we had more highly automated plants here making solar panels, there would be very little labor involved.

The Chinese have used capital gained from us via decades of trillions of sales dollars of commodity goods at Walmart/Target/Amazon, etc. to invest in basic resources (copper, iron, etc.) and automation to further push the US standard of living and job security down, and unemployment upward. They also invest heavily in research and development.

So, we fund them and they screw us. Welcome to our race to the bottom.

I misunderstood your context.

Sorry, but when I hear that phrase, I always think of the Repug system of passing talking points around in their big bullshit bubble, LOL. I would hope that DU is and always will be a forum open to all ideas friendly to Democrats across the spectrum.

One big problem in our society today is the "us vs them" and defensive posture mindset that has become pervasive in so many everyday folks. The right-wing media complex has done this horrible thing to us. When in this mode, one has to compartmentalize everyone into sub-groups and everyone has to wear a damned label, LOL.

What we need is more old-fashioned "ladies and gentlemen" open-minded debate. Any idea - good or bad - is just that and nothing else, and no one owns any idea or thought.

One of my personal hang-ups is that I struggle when there's a discussion that's completely one-sided. I have an irresistible habit of tossing an opposing view (or two) into the ring to make it interesting. That does not mean that I support that view, it's just that I feel a discussion should include a wide range of thinking to be meaningful. That process does piss some folks off, though.

I stand corrected - Thanks!

Years ago, some sources wrongly attributed it to Bill, although it was discussed in some interviews with him. Apparently, it arose from the results of a 1995 research paper on the multiple conspiracies surrounding the Clintons, and then Hillary used it first in an interview.

I found this statement interesting from the Wiki:
It (the paper) described how online conservative media outlets such as The American Spectator spread conspiracy theories about the suicide of Vince Foster, the Whitewater controversy, and other events. According to the memo, these conspiracies spread from conservative think tanks to British tabloids, and then to the mainstream press.

That would suggest that Rupert Murdoch had his fingers in our political process via his tabloids even prior to Faux News coming to air.

As Shraby suggested, it's long been known....

there is a right-wing system of think tanks feeding their political network with talking point memos each day, and I specifically recall Heritage Foundation and AEI mentioned as having the boiler rooms doing that work. One of Bush's people admitted that they received the memos (I think by email) every day, and they were also sent to Repug CongressCritters and key editors at Faux News, Limbaugh, etc.

This allows their leadership and the right-wing machine to keep all the rubes (including the Repug press) singing off the same page, and that's why we hear the same arguments repeated over and over, almost verbatim. That seems to apply both to policy ideas and to attack strategies against Democrats.

They realized they would have to do that because after all the populist know-nothing Repugs that were elected during the Nixon and Reagan revolts, those guys would be saying off-the-cuff bullshit to the press and the party would look like a train wreck.

Not sure whose bright idea this was, but it must have came about via some summit meetings between some very powerful people, probably going back to the Nixon years and the thinking of Lee Atwater. In reality, it has become the glue that holds the "vast right-wing conspiracy" together mentioned in the 90s by Bill Clinton.

Walmart also knows....

those already cash-strapped employees will likely spend most of their bonus and raise on basics in their stores. What's not to like for Walmart?


K & R. I also wonder...

how much false info Russia is still planting on social media about the Clintons and the Foundation. Goodness knows, Faux News and right-wing talk radio will be doing their share. Some days I think every citizen's head in the USA must surely be spinning in total confusion...

............ ........... ........... ............
Posted by KY_EnviroGuy | Sun Jan 7, 2018, 10:15 AM (0 replies)
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