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KY_EnviroGuy's Journal
KY_EnviroGuy's Journal
August 31, 2018

If all else fails, a nation-wide strike would stop him.

As you suggested if Trump completely compromises our system of justice, he may can be stopped....
* IF our major media outlets really speak out, or
* IF a large group of corporate bigwigs spoke out strongly, or
* IF Congress grew a spine and shut him down, then he may get checked.

Otherwise, the American public will have to leverage its ultimate weapon: shutdown consumerism temporarily until Wall Street squeals like a stuck pig.

Trump, Congress, and Wall Street would all just go to their knees.

Sadly, neither American citizens, media moguls, corporate officers or politicians have the will to do any of that.....

August 31, 2018

IMO, the real elephant in our room is...

economic inequality and massive asset hoarding by the wealthy, and it's getting worse by the day. The Repug tax bill just put it in overdrive.

People of high wealth live on a different Earth from us and they believe wealth entitles them to power and control. Many everyday citizens have bought into that bullshit.

I see no way to solve that problem short of a total global economic collapse which would kill many millions of people. Besides, those high-wealth people maintain hoards of precious metals and other non-currency assets that could sustain them for decades.

Without this elephant in our room, most of our problems would be easy to solve.....

* The Republican party and its clones around the globe would disappear overnight.
* The wealthy would no longer control our media.
* Corporations would return to being good community members.
* Our politicians would return to being public servants.
* Brutal poverty, homelessness, disease and malnutrition could gradually be minimized.

Sadly, there is no global will to even move in this direction. Earthlings can't even stop fighting on where to fish or who deserves the most guns and bombs.

I know, dream on.......

August 31, 2018

Thanks, S4P, for keeping tRump's fascism in the spotlight.

America needs better ways to expose and hold accountable her lying and deceptive public servants.

Hey, we have churches to help with that!

.......Oh, wait they're on Trump's side....

Hey, we have Congressional hearings and sanctions to help with that!

.......Oh, wait, its majorities are on his side, too....

Hey, we have powerful well-respected business leaders that can help lend a voice.

.......Oh, wait, most of them love tRump 'cause he cut their taxes.

... ......... ........ ........
August 30, 2018

K&R, good summary post.

I was in turmoil for many years over the personality type that's characteristic of our typical Republican politician and voter. Back in the 90s, I finally found some good articles by psychologists that had studied this mystery, and that gave me some ease.

This personality type thrives on having a strict authoritarian hierarchy in place, and it spans across their family, their religion, and their political and business support structures. Usually, those mental structures are cast in stone and highly resistant to change. Therefore, their irreversible worship of Reagan and the Graham preachers. Also seen in other nations like the UK with their Tories, so it's not unique to us.

Hard-core attachment (and dependency) to those structures also means blindly accepting the policy dictates from their political parties, church elders, family elders, etc. - with questions or debate rarely allowed.

This view also explains their preference to socially remain within their own information bubbles such as those offered by Faux News and several others. They do not comprehend or accept criticism of their structures, belief and policies because that would endanger the hierarchical structure.

I'm no psychologist or political scientist but instead have a burning curiosity about anything not mostly understood. Much of this still remains a mystery......

August 30, 2018

Thank you for making the point that...

(quote) "Davis can't be on the record giving an opinion on something that should only be determined by a jury."

One would think that Trump and his motor-mouth attorneys would know that. Or, maybe they do and are doing it intentionally.

Of course, they may not be the ones ultimately defending him in court but the psychological effect on potential jurors is still there. Trump and his minions are essentially pre-defending him by using the presidential bully pulpit.


August 30, 2018

K&R - major truth. Thanks for sharing that story and perspective.

I love your approach. I hope we can somehow pound into the public's mind 1.) the level of professionalism (including checks and balances) of our main-stream journalists and media companies, and 2.) explain the motives and funding sources of right-wing specific companies like News Corp., then we may stave off this attack by Trump and his plutocrat backers.

I hope professionals like you can somehow find platforms that are heard by our public to spread that message. The essence of this long-standing problem is that a large number of high-wealth individuals believe their wealth entitles them to not only control news content and editorial opinion, but also the entire direction of our politics.

This attack on our Constitution-backed norms and traditions is nothing but pure evil. It's equivalent to massively attacking the professional credibility of general practitioners in our medical field, to a degree that people would just stop going to a doctor for anything.

August 29, 2018

We're lending too much validity and authority to Twitter.

Trump should be banned from Twitter and he needs to put his big boy pants on and communicate like public servants always have - through written memos, press releases and press conferences.

The press around the globe is giving him a free political platform, some of which is executed at his bedside or while he's on the shitter. If he was discussing golf or McDonald's menu, that's no problem - but he's saying things that damage international trade and political relationships, not to mention the destruction of many people's well-being and safety in America.

This practice must stop......

August 28, 2018

Trump's Splashy New NAFTA Deal Doesn't Actually Exist - Vanity Fair

Trump’s Splashy New NAFTA Deal Doesn’t Actually Exist
Despite the president’s threats to be ditching Canada, lawmakers say the move is likely illegal, if not impossible.
by Tina Nguyen
August 27, 2018

See: https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2018/08/trumps-splashy-new-nafta-deal (limited free access)

Mexico's President Nieto diplomatically put Trump in his place.....
Of course, Trump’s understanding of the “understanding”—as well as his blustery, nebulous threat against Canada—was about as artful as his attempt to stage a dramatic conference call. Nieto repeatedly insisted, both on Twitter and to Trump himself, that any renegotiation of NAFTA, regardless of its name, must be a three-party deal. Indeed, lawmakers told The New York Times that Trump’s willingness to ditch Canada “may not be legally permissible, let alone smart.”

Apparently Trump's cabinet wants to disassemble every trade deal, peace deal and nuclear arms deals the US has every created and start from scratch. This is all for the benefit of the hard-right free market billionaire globalists that put him in office. They want small, limited-commitment bilateral deals that can be manipulated on a whim.

August 26, 2018

More detail here....

This happened in Southport, IN, a suburb of Indy. Still trying to find info on how this played out long-term. Many Indiana papers have strict access controls, just as Pence planned it.

See: https://thefreethoughtproject.com/working-car-police-harass-while-black/
Note: This is the original article cited on YouTube and contains some innaccuracies.


As Evans’ video shows, he was simply working on his car this week when a Southport police officer approached him and began harassing him. The officer was relentless in his pursuit to treat Evans like a criminal yet he’d done absolutely nothing wrong.

The officer asked Evans why he was outside, a question that Evans is not obligated to answer. He then asked if Evans lived in the complex and, even though he did not have to answer the officer, Evans told him that he did, in fact, live in the complex.

The conversation should’ve ended there, but it did not. Instead, when confronted with an intelligent man who knew his rights, the officer reacted with hubris and then called for backup, telling Evans that he was “going to do it the hard way.”

(edited to correct name to Jaquon Dean and add a further, more accurate report here)

Man says he was profiled, assaulted by officers outside his Indianapolis apartment complex
Link: https://www.theindychannel.com/news/local-news/crime/man-says-he-was-profiled-assaulted-by-officer-outside-his-indianapolis-apartment-complex

INDIANAPOLIS -- An Indianapolis man is planning to take legal action after he says he was profiled, then assaulted, by a security officer outside his own apartment.

Jaquon Dean was sitting in his car outside his northwest side apartment Saturday when, he says, a security officer approached asking if he lived there. Dean says the officer demanded to know his name and called in backup when Dean declined to answer his questions. “He’s there every day so he knows I live there,” Dean said.

Dean filmed his interaction with the officer, James Reynolds, who identified himself as a courtesy officer for the complex. Reynolds runs a security company, Reynolds Security Consulting Corp., out of Plainfield and is also a reserve officer for the town of Sheridan. He’s currently running as a Republican candidate for Hendricks County Council.

August 26, 2018

I'll bet those round NRA stickers invite break-ins as well.

An old quote comes to mind: "pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall" .

........ ............

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