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KY_EnviroGuy's Journal
KY_EnviroGuy's Journal
June 28, 2018

Our biggest battle is obscene amounts of money.....

corporations and the ultra-wealthy pour into the GOP - both from national and international sources. What pisses me off most is that they are using our money from profits from our purchases of goods and services to finance right-wing causes because of their greed.

It seems even more immoral that big money people have to lie, cheat and steal elections when they're already at a huge advantage financially. Their hunger for power is ravenous and they just cannot seem to buy enough.

Without a constant infusion of dark money and the parallel financing of right-wing media, today's GOP would be nothing. So long as the equation money = power holds true, this will be a never-ending human crisis.

Out of control capitalism and a huge boatload of very selfish, greedy people is what's destroying our Democracy....

June 18, 2018

Yes, you have them pegged.

Resentment of our progressive taxation system was always at the root of GOP policy as long as I can remember, back into the early 60s.

However, I believe there's a more sinister element at play: when most people become very wealthy, after a period of time the fear of losing it sets in. But the worst effect is that these people start to believe they are entitled to political power because of their wealth, and thereafter use part of their wealth to gain that control.

And, tied to that belief is the thinking that the teaming masses of everyday folks must be controlled by whatever means necessary - including lying, deceiving, and starving us to death if necessary.

I think recorded history has shown those propositions to be correct many times over......

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