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KY_EnviroGuy's Journal
KY_EnviroGuy's Journal
October 31, 2018

Great article, thanks! Also see Prof. Tribe's comments.....

Love this first paragraph.....


“It is proper to take alarm at the first experiment on our liberties,” James Madison wrote in 1785. President Donald Trump confirmed Tuesday that he plans to move from experimentation on liberty into widespread application of the tyrant’s playbook.

Thank you James Madison, and I'm delighted there's a deluge of legal experts like Prof. Epps and Prof. Lawrence Tribe speaking their mind very quickly to put the orange clown in his place, :

Laurence Tribe @tribelaw: It’s an understatement to say there’s a consensus among experts that Trump’s promise to end birthright citizenship for babies born in the USA to undocumented mothers is a legally untenable political stunt. No respected currently active scholar disagrees.

Link to NYT article referenced there: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/30/us/politics/birthright-citizenship-executive-order-trump.html

October 31, 2018

Article: I Voted for Republicans, Until They Voted Against My Son

I Voted for Republicans, Until They Voted Against My Son
By Tasha Nelson

Link: https://www.thecut.com/2018/10/republicans-dont-protect-preexisting-conditions.html

I used to be a swing voter who leaned Republican. But now that the Republican Party has reduced rare disease tax credits, is not protecting people with preexisting conditions, and moved (in my opinion) far too quickly on a decision about a lifetime Supreme Court Justice who could determine the future of health care in this country, the GOP has single-handedly forced me to move steadily and solidly to the left. President Trump has said and tweeted repeatedly that Republicans will protect preexisting conditions. The truth is if the Republican Party weren’t so effectively passing legislation dismantling the solid protections already in place, I wouldn’t need to write this article. The only reason we are in a position to worry about protection at all is the Republican Party slowly and steadily attacking the existing protective pieces of the ACA by voting to remove them.

Great article. I hope everyone can read this, as it's a good review of the Repug bullshit healthcare legislation in Congress.

This bill is a smokescreen designed to make people think the GOP has an interest in protecting preexisting conditions, while in reality it firmly and solidly returns us to the the days where insurance companies could freely discriminate for profit.

The Blue Wave of reality..............
October 30, 2018

My email to Land O'Lakes today.

After reading about several corporations financially supporting King, I got pissed. I'm physically unable to do many things to help the GOTV efforts in this election and typically can only contribute funds to a few candidates. However, I can raise some hell by email or letter to those I believe are working to slowly corrode away our democracy and social decency. That also helps me psychologically to vent my frustrations.

This is one I sent today.......


Subject: Regarding your support of Rep. Steve King
To: [email protected]

My extended family and friends will no longer be purchasing your excellent products due to your financial support of Rep. Steve King of Iowa. Unfortunately, we have no other way to leverage our disgust toward his horrible statements relating to race, poverty and migration.

The very moral and emotional fiber of America is currently being damaged every day by hate-filled racist rhetoric from a number of white nationalist, xenophobic politicians as well as extensive right-wing media. These people are the epitome of hypocrisy regarding immigrants and refugees because many of them and their supporting corporations use migrant labor that is kept under cover. The farming family of Rep. Devin Nunes is a great example.

Many American corporations like yours, AT&T and others are lending financial support to those elected officials. Many are also advertising regularly on extremist media outlets. We feel it is well past time that corporations like Land O'Lakes look beyond how a politician's beliefs affect their bottom line and look as well at how their social attitudes demean the very heart of our Constitution, laws, norms and moral values.

On your internet home page, you say: "Let’s work together. We're committed to making our world a better place." Please return to being true to that statement and re-evaluate the politicians and political organizations you support.

Kindest regards,
(my home city)


I tried to keep this focused and not get side-tracked with a rant on Trump, which was difficult. Any feedback appreciated - positive or negative!......

October 27, 2018

Oh noes, don't waste the Vlasics!

The DNC says save them for our party on the day Faux News goes off the air........

Repugs believe from Infowars that thousands of taco trucks are hidden in-waiting in Soros' basement in New York, loaded with your pickle jar mortars as well as pickled red sausage cannons. They also believe that after the battle, they will be tortured by being forced to watch their enemy drink all the beer.

I'm waiting for someone to locate a progressive's van down by the river that's plastered with anti-Trump stickers. It'll be all day coverage on Faux with helicopters and Hannity at the scene.


October 20, 2018

Thanks! Here's some interesting facts about the Transatlantic Sessions.

Transatlantic Sessions
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Transatlantic Sessions is the collective title for a series of musical productions by Glasgow-based Pelicula Films Ltd, funded by- and produced for BBC Scotland, BBC Four and RTÉ of Ireland. The productions comprise collaborative live performances by various leading folk, bluegrass and country musicians from both sides of the North Atlantic, playing music from Scotland, Ireland, England and North America, who congregate under the musical direction of Aly Bain and Jerry Douglas to record and film a set of half-hour TV episodes. The Television director is Mike Alexander and the producer is Douglas Eadie.

In addition to the TV productions, public performances of the Transatlantic Sessions have been staged recently by some of the participating artists, receiving critical acclaim in the press and six series albums have been released in both CD and DVD format by Whirlie Records.

Jerry Douglas is one of my musical heroes. The guest lists are outstanding and I'm hoping to see several of these.....
October 19, 2018

Putin, fear the Natasha...

Just started browsing it, but the complaint is quite a read on what we're fighting (the whole damn world, apparently):

Complaint PDF:

More from her Twitter page:
Hattip to Natasha for her tireless journalism........

October 17, 2018

I predict things could get very nasty before year's end.

Trump reminds me of that honey badger video, if we can imagine one of those critters being cornered.

He absolutely cannot accept being wrong or seen as losing and I fear what his narcissism and psychopathy will bring out. What's even worse to imagine is what his hundreds of right-wing enablers and media freaks will do in concert with him, not to mention a few of his crazy fanboys in the red countryside if they see their dear leader going down.

Worrying times for America.......

October 17, 2018

Short answer - yes, it is brainwashing.

But, not just the Republican's dogma pushed for 30 years or so of anti-tax/anti-government and Democrats are all bad sort of stuff. It's also a culture-related brainwashing we've all experienced where climbing the ladder of success and gaining more wealth is the end-all be-all of human life's end game, along with rampant materialism and monitization of everything.

Democrats are almost as vulnerable to the effects of this as Republicans, except we tend to draw a different line as to where it stops and we're much more open-minded, compassionate and unselfish. In my personal experience, Republicans tend to be much more of selfish/self-centered genetics and therefore far more likely to buy into right-wing dogma.

Men of that type are likely to be much more dogmatic over it because we men are by nature more insecure in our skins than women (but we cleverly hide it), so therefore more susceptible to fear-based bullshit.

Psychologists have confirmed that there's primitive genetic strains in both men and women who's personalities require a strict leadership structure, and that those same people typically are full of fears of outsiders and teachings outside of their clan's system of belief. Those people are highly likely to be Republicans and are easily duped by people like Reagan and Trump that put on the airs of strong leadership - square jaw lines, radio voice, big shoulder pads and all. Policy positions are much less of a consideration to them than having someone they can look up to, just as they do their dads, preachers and corporate bosses. To me, that explains much of their blindness to reason.

Just my 2c worth - no expert, just experiences of life. End of rant.......

October 17, 2018

May not be related but I found this to be very interesting

Pakistan causes YouTube outage for two-thirds of world

Link: https://abcnews.go.com/Technology/story?id=4344105&page=1

Most of the world's Internet users lost access to YouTube for several hours Sunday after an attempt by Pakistan's government to block access domestically affected other countries.

The outage highlighted yet another of the Internet's vulnerabilities, coming less than a month after broken fiber-optic cables in the Mediterranean took Egypt off line and caused communications problems from the Middle East to India.

An Internet expert explained that Sunday's problems arose when a Pakistani telecommunications company accidentally identified itself to Internet computers as the world's fastest route to YouTube. But instead of serving up videos of skateboarding dogs, it sent the traffic into oblivion.

Even as an engineer, I often fear we have far too many of our eggs in the internet basket....... .......
October 14, 2018

It's absolutely mind boggling....

to try and envision the potential workload for our Democratic Reps after we take the House.

I do believe our leadership has been studying and planning for this event for a long time, though, and that gives me comfort.

Unfortunately, they will still have to battle Repug obstructionism and somehow counter their vile media blitz......

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