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Profile Information

Name: Pet Rock
Gender: Male
Hometown: TN, KY
Home country: USA
Current location: KY
Member since: Thu Jul 6, 2017, 06:43 PM
Number of posts: 13,459

Journal Archives

Sounds just like my dad.

He was raised in the foothill mountains that adjoin the Appalachians to the west, during the Great Depression. He worked in timber most of his life and smoked most of that time until cancer got him, too. Eastern mountain folks are quite unique, I think and I have a lot of that in me.

My folks were not well off, and getting to go to the Smokies was a huge treat. No one but rich folks got to go to Florida, LOL.

During my younger years, smoking was the manly thing to do, and most farmers in my area in middle TN raised tobacco - so it was part of the culture (still is to a degree). Thank goodness, most everyone I know has now quit.

We all live and learn! Thanks again for posting that touching story.

Right, and it's hard to be positive.

That bacteria will be with use for at least another 3+ years, as it eats away at good progressive achievement every day. I've stayed away from market news lately, but I'm hearing we could be in for another crash - especially in the tech (bubble) arena. One wrong move from Mr. Happy Trigger and were toast again. Otherwise, our new round of laissez' faire on steroids will bring it on, regardless of what he does.

The wealthy gorged themselves after 2008 on thousands of foreclosed properties and failed businesses. I guess they're hungry again.

So, Donny - you are saying if my neighbors' house is on fire....

....and he owes me 20 bucks from poker night, I shouldn't lend him my garden hose until I get the twenty?

This situation is heartbreaking. What a pompous elitist ass he is to even mention their debt or aging infrastructure. This is a humanitarian crisis of huge proportion, risking hundreds of thousands of American lives.

A strong LEADER of the US would have had his subordinate agencies preplan rapid responses to this disaster, particularly considering this hurricane was predicted with very high probability to hit the island and the US Virgin Islands well before the event.

I have no clue as to the status of our Navy or Coast Guard fleet at this moment, but can't believe we could not have started a considerable fleet of either US Navy or larger Coast Guard ships toward the Island immediately after the storm passed. I realize it takes considerable time to prepare ships for deployment where massive aid is required, but we could at least get rapid response teams and a large security contingent on the way FAST. Rant done, nuf sed.

I got flamed by one here just yesterday.

Being a relative newcomer, I fell for it but backed out quick enough, once I realized the motive.

Should have known sooner from the poor grammar and hateful rhetoric. Hopefully, never again!

Yes! But...

I suspect the pairing of DeVos and Pence is an even more frightening thought. OMG, sorry I brought it up.

Check out their web site....if you dare!

WARNING: Your computer memory may be overloaded with massive photo files of big hair and monster XXX shoulder pads!


Damn thing nearly locked up my computer. Not much to see, just a lot of fancy-dressed white folks and some way out-of-date info, mainly do-gooders denying any guilt for a good variety of sins. I ain't gonna go there on YouTube.

Makes me wonder...

What will his minders pick for him to inflame next - little 'ole ladies knitting circles, bowling leagues, profession groups...he's got a lot of territory to cover.

My guess is something to do with our education systems.

RIP, Mr. Bill from a fellow TN native.

Always hurts to loose a good neighbor because I think they are part of our social fabric and mental security. Also best when politics never enters into the picture, just keeping life in the "real" stuff.

Would like to see...

...a credible member of the press (say, on a Sunday talk show) ask one of the key supporters of this bill: "why did you promise to pass legislation like this during your campaigns, knowing it would be highly unpopular with the public and likely to fail?"

The GOP has no longer has credibility as a political party. They apparently have no control over who runs for office (e.g., Gohmert & Trump) and no say-so as to the policies promoted during their campaigns.

Had to be interesting!

Was his initials "JR" (ref. Wiki)? I see that he actively supported Kerry.

It's been quite an uplifting experience finding DU, although I'm a little late. In only a month or so, I've chatted with a fellow that was an on-the-scene official at the 9/11 recovery operation, with a lady that personally knows an astronaut, and you - with a Kerry connection! Plus, the wit and humor of this bunch is amazing, so I've found my giggle-box again. Vastly helps the stress of retirement, LOL.

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