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Gender: Male
Hometown: TN, KY
Home country: USA
Current location: KY
Member since: Thu Jul 6, 2017, 07:43 PM
Number of posts: 14,244

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We will never know an exact cause but it's important to accept responsibility.

After reviewing an article in the Denver Post on this tragedy as well as her Wikipedia bio, this causes me to reflect on what our society does to far too many of our youth with our demands for extreme entertainment and the push for greater and greater achievement with no end.

She was also recovering from a recent concussion and was under substantial pressure to do more. So, I ponder and ask myself this:

What right do we have to pressure others to perform to our satisfaction?

This young woman was an accomplished academic with degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Chinese, and was enrolled for studies towards a graduate degree in Computational and Mathematical Engineering at Stanford University. She was a member of the U.S. women’s pursuit team that won a silver medal during the 2016 Olympic Games.

A graduate student at Stanford, Catlin was pursuing a degree in computational and mathematical engineering while training for track as a member of the national team and racing as a professional road cyclist. She described in a recent VeloNews blog post on how she manages three intense pursuits, writing that she sometimes felt as if she needed “to time-travel to get everything done. And things still slip through the cracks.”

I myself have suffered to a lesser degree with this problem, as society fails to evaluate and accept our personality type or mental characteristics, our deep personal desires and ambitions but most importantly, our mental, physical and emotional limitations and what each of us really needs to be happy and content.

... ...........

All the while....

* driving on a government owned and maintained highway that was designed by government standards,

* driving a vehicle with safety features designed under government rules,

* protected in case of trouble or accident by government police, fire and rescue teams,

* perhaps guided by government GPS satellites,

* listening to a radio on government allocated and controlled radio bands......

to name just a few........

Thank you for posting. What an uplift.

With one possible exception of Mr. Schultz, those photos lifted me right out of a foul mood. This display of youth, joy, energy and enthusiasm should bring happiness to everyone.

I can just imagine how uplifting it was to those attending!....

Here's the web site for that festival for anyone that wants to explore their events:

South By Southwest

Link: https://www.sxsw.com/

This page shows a graphic version of the schedule: https://www.sxsw.com/schedule/#overview
(with downloadable PDF version)

About SXSW:
South By Southwest dedicates itself to helping creative people achieve their goals. Founded in 1987 in Austin, Texas, SXSW is best known for its conference and festivals that celebrate the convergence of the interactive, film, and music industries. An essential destination for global professionals, the event features sessions, showcases, screenings, exhibitions, and a variety of networking opportunities. SXSW proves that the most unexpected discoveries happen when diverse topics and people come together.

Join us March 8-17 in Austin, Texas for SXSW 2019 and be a part of one of the most diverse, collaborative, and inventive communities in the world.


Thank you, Micael for sharing your story. It contributes to DU solidarity and learning.

I think it would be a nice feature of DU if we had a "story library" where people could share parts or all of their life story. These stories help us all to remain open minded, as well as to better tolerate and deal with right-wingers.

I was raised by fantastic folks that went through the Great Depression in the most difficult ways. With large extended families of farmers and timber folks, they were kind, loving, sharing and very compassionate and I inherited all that. At home, despite many hardships we felt at peace at all times.

Now, at 71, I'm finding the world seems no longer compatible with that type personality, or at least most days it feels that way. Selfishness, self-centeredness mixed with hearty doses of smart-ass seems the norm today. Social media just cranks up the volume and encourages that behavior (I can't use it). Life can be hard on soft-hearted shits like me these days.

My folks raised me strict but I would not call them authoritarian. Our youth back then were expected to follow the rules and always show respect to older people and those with legitimate authority. However, the difference from today is that we also were taught to never worship those we respected, and strangely enough to question the validity of authority. There's a powerful difference between that attitude and the typical conservative personality who is totally blind to any flaw in their authoritarian structures.

I went through a very healthy dose of chemical abuse recovery a number of years back. One of the foundational principles I learned was dragging all my dirty laundry out of the closet and into the sunlight, AND sharing it with other human beings. That is unbelievably healing to the human condition for anyone. Thank you for bringing your story to us.

.. ............

More PIX from the bird feeder photo lady....

Woman Feeds Birds To Capture Stunning Close-Up Pics While They Eat

See: https://www.boredpanda.com/put-a-bird-feeder-outside-the-window-and-the-whole-year-photographing-birds-that-flew-to-eat/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=organic

That photo #3 looks about like how I feel in the morning!.....

When Lisa M. Ca moved from Germany to Michigan to live with her husband she noticed that while the weather and seasons are quite similar in both places, the birds are different.

"I wanted to get a little closer and started researching what cameras are out there as a little addition to my DSLR. This is how I found the Bird Photo Booth," - Macomb County resident Lisa told MT.

After she posted the images on Facebook, they instantly went viral. This is when she decided to start a blog. Be sure to follow her Tumblr page for more pictures!

More info: ostdrossel.tumblr.com

First set of photos here:

This Woman Set Up A Photo Booth For Birds In Her Yard, And The Results Are Extraordinary (30 Pics)

Link: https://www.boredpanda.com/bird-photo-booth-feeder-ostdrossel/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=organic

Thank you, Lisa!............ ..........
Posted by KY_EnviroGuy | Sat Mar 9, 2019, 12:14 PM (7 replies)

A lady put a camera on her bird feeder and....

check out her cool photos on BoredPanda:

Link: https://www.boredpanda.com/bird-photo-booth-feeder-ostdrossel/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=organic

Sorry, I'm not posting photos here quite yet to show an example. Love the Blue Jay shots and her Doves are just beautiful.

Wonder how many times the lens got pecked?........ .......

If I were an all-knowing, all-powerful omnipotent god (Episode #1)....

After evacuating all workers, I would pluck up the entire Fukushima nuclear site, launch it into space, then send it into the sun.

Then, I would publicly spank all the asses that had anything to do with installing this piece of shit creation right on the seashore AND squarely on the Ring of Fire.

Disclaimer: Aww shucks, I am not one of those gods, so here's a progress report:

Fukushima: current state of the clean-up
Date created : 08/03/2019
Original source: AFP

Link: https://www.france24.com/en/20190308-fukushima-current-state-clean

Eight years have passed since a tsunami smashed into the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan, sparking a meltdown and the worst atomic crisis since Chernobyl. Eight years on, the disaster zone remains a huge building site with the immediate danger cleared but an immensely difficult clean-up job still looming.
Contaminated water still poses a huge problem for Fukushima operators. The water comes in three forms: residual water from the tsunami; water used to cool the reactors, and precipitation as well as groundwater. All water needs to be pumped, purified and stored.
Shaun Burbie from Greenpeace said: "The government and TEPCO had set a target of 2020 as a timeframe for solving the water crisis.... That was never credible." The reprocessing of all contaminated water will take five to six years, he estimated, and there are "remaining questions over its efficacy."

"Volumes of contaminated water will continue to increase in the coming years."
The number of people working on the site has nearly halved from four years ago but there are still some 5,000 labourers.

"A lot of the big jobs have been done (ice wall, protective coating on the ground, construction of various buildings)," said Ono.

Workers are exposed to average levels of radiation below 5 millisieverts per year but TEPCO admits that this average masks a wide difference in individual levels depending on what jobs the workers carry out.

Many more people will eventually die from long-term effects of radiation leaked from this disaster. The economic and social impacts on Japan will go on forever.

Will we humanoids ever learn anything?........ ..........
Posted by KY_EnviroGuy | Fri Mar 8, 2019, 03:03 AM (2 replies)

Update - Colorado cops detain black man at gunpoint for picking up trash

Found on The Denver Post:

Boulder council grills police chief, community speaks out about officers confronting black man picking up trash
“This is an extremely concerning issue, and one that we are taking very seriously,” Police Chief Greg Testa said.
By Cassa Niedringhaus | The Daily Camera
PUBLISHED: March 5, 2019 at 11:59 pm | UPDATED: March 6, 2019 at 12:01 am

Read here: https://www.denverpost.com/2019/03/05/boulder-council-officers-black-man-picking-up-trash/

Audience members at the Boulder City Council meeting Tuesday held aloft trash grabbers and clacked them as Police Chief Greg Testa briefed council members about an incident in which officers confronted a black man who was picking up trash at his own house.
“This is an extremely concerning issue, and one that we are taking very seriously,” Testa said, reading a prepared statement to council Tuesday.

An internal affairs investigation is ongoing, and the initial responding officer is on administrative leave, he said.

It seems to me that a public hearing should accompany an internal affairs investigation which could be kept hidden from public view.

What counts here is whether anything gets changed in their training and procedures book, should we revisit this case a few months down the road. Would loved to have been present for this meeting and witnessed this brigade of the trash pickers!

Posted by KY_EnviroGuy | Thu Mar 7, 2019, 12:06 AM (0 replies)

Any Hemingway fans that enjoy decoding pictograms?

The Elaborate Pictogram Ernest Hemingway Received in the Hospital During WWI: Can You Decode Its Meaning?
Open Culture

See: http://www.openculture.com/2019/03/the-elaborate-pictogram-ernest-hemingway-received-in-the-hospital-during-wwi.html

Everyone who knows the work of Ernest Hemingway knows A Farewell to Arms, and everyone who knows A Farewell to Arms knows that Hemingway drew on his experience as a Red Cross ambulance driver in Italy during World War I. Just a few months after shipping out, the eighteen-year-old writer-to-be — filled, he later said, with "a great illusion of immortality" — got caught by mortar fire while taking chocolate and cigarettes from the canteen to the front line. Recovering from his wounds in a Milanese hospital, he fell in love with an American nurse named Agnes Hannah von Kurowsky, who would become the model for Catherine Barkley in A Farewell to Arms.
If you need a hint, you might start with the apparent fact that the letter came from three of Hemingway's ambulance-driver buddies. "The letter is a cheerful narrative of the three friends’ recent hijinks," writes Slate's Rebecca Onion.
To modern readers, the letter offers not just a glimpse into the sensibilities of Hemingway's social circle but life on the Italian front in 1918.

Ran across this by accident and thought I would share it. I'm far too much of a literalist to get very far with this one, but hope others enjoy the challenge.

Posted by KY_EnviroGuy | Fri Mar 1, 2019, 06:21 AM (4 replies)
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