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Gender: Male
Hometown: TN, KY
Home country: USA
Current location: KY
Member since: Thu Jul 6, 2017, 07:43 PM
Number of posts: 14,337

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These people are just as fake as Trump.

by traditional definitions, they are neither conservative or Christian, and do not embrace many modern traditional American values.

Send them all home with four Pinocchios.

Good basic summary - thanks.

Some here with better historical knowledge than I can expand, but from what I've read on GOP history, most of those corrupt veins you mentioned were there in-hiding decades before Eisenhower. Most are properties of the wealthy white business-class male (industrialists, resource kings, retailers and land barons) - overtly with tax resentment and covertly in racism.

We've watched those evil veins expose themselves and slowly come into maturity starting with the days of Nixon and his Southern strategy, and now many are openly embraced by the public - wrapped in fear, flag, and what I call Freeligion.

We can talk all day about how and when it happened, but now must get to work on how to reverse this plague on our society.

Yes! They follow their authoritarian order to the letter.

I remember people in NC that would walk in Jim Bakker's shit just to see where it came from, then write him a big check.

I agree, that may the way to crack the shell.

Hortensis, I'm not a very smart old man, but I've seen this coming since the Nixon days. As you know, they've been building this colossal machine for many years, poured billions into it, and they've been patient. I knew we were in deep shit when the religious right exposed itself.

Inequality may be our savior, along with some fake Bible-thumping, LOL.

We're going to have to be patient, keep poking the bear, and never give up in order to see it slowly crumble.

If it happens, the USA will run out of lawyers, LOL.

The kids will be occupied with saving his businesses and probably high-tail it to New York. And, I'll bet that evil staff of his like Miller will drop away like flies. The have their won asses to save!

I hope he goes down with a very sloooow, thorough impeachment.

The impeachment process will thoroughly expose this man for what he is and turn many against him. I suspect there would be some violent letting off of steam at the beginning, but it would die down as evidence is presented. Let us hope!

I think it's typical of many who are born into wealth.

Then, add a hearty dose of narcissism plus psychopathy - a very dangerous combination. I have to remind myself that tRump lived most of his life in a penthouse, isolated from the real world and lots of people to do his bidding. It's should be no surprise he has no sense of decorum or government function, much less everyday common sense and manners. He has always loved to be a show-off.

It still baffles me how strict conservatives that are every-day working people could vote for him. Try as I may, I can't see the appeal. Of course, most of us liberals don't subscribe to the love of authoritarianism and the "gotta have a big daddy" principle (e.g., Reagan).

K & R - Excellent summary.

Cato libertarian philosophy plus fake evangelicalism and a dose of prosperity gospel - a very toxic brew.

He's referring to his "Schedule of Demolition".

Considering what's going on behind the scenes, it's probably true.

The dreams of Koch, Murdoch and Mercer (just to name a few) are slowly coming true.

How about Rupert Murdoch - for example?

10,000% more negative effect than Bernie.
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