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Gender: Male
Hometown: TN, KY
Home country: USA
Current location: KY
Member since: Thu Jul 6, 2017, 07:43 PM
Number of posts: 14,246

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Thanks for the great 'toons, Syringis.

I love Steve Bell and Martin Rowson via the Guardian, too:


Note the one on tRump from Steve Bell!

There's never been a more important time for Democrats....

to support a unity of purpose, and one singular purpose at that. We all know that that objective is.

Right now, we need hot-button talking points and simplified policy positions that will help to swing millions of voters and get them off the couch. Get that out on TV, radio, billboards, placards and hand-outs until the public is notified of our way of doing business.

Everyone hears and respects your grievances but divisiveness is not the image we need to project to the American public or the international community at this time in history.

Get your running shoes on.

For the race to the bottom. They're planting all the seeds now.

Just make sure those shoes are good enough to be buried in.

Some may also tend to put more into the "wild west" stock market.

Not able to invest more in solid 401K funds, many people may be tempted to play the market themselves. Perfect fodder for the 1% to suck us dry again.

Many of us who were very busy working in the 90s but tried playing the market on the fly learned that lesson the hard way.

Typical RED state country towns are the perfect target for drug dealers.

The plague spreads quickly and establishes its own self-sustaining network. Local police are poorly paid and many can be bribed to stay away.

It spreads itself easily from town to town, almost without the "normal" people even noticing. After it's too late, it finally comes to light, everyone prays and clutches their pearls, and there are little or no resources available to help the addicts.

Their so-called innocence is killing them. Welcome to the new America, GOP ship of fools.

Simple reasoning, Dragon: Reduce, then eliminate gummit spending. Privatize what's left.

Repugs don't comprehend emotions or natural instincts.

Everything's going according to plan, no mater who it hurts.

Plenty of irony in his statements...

Democrats should blast this bullshit with both barrels:

1. The GOP is the party of global elites - Mercer, Murdoch, Koch, etc.

2. The "lords of technology" are the ones that helped to put tRump in office (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

3. He said: “we the citizens of the United States...underwrite the whole thing.” In the future, Wisconsin citizens will know about that full well with tRump's Foxconn deal.

That list could go on and on.

Shock-effect sensationalism - GOP's primary media tool.

Democrats only want to talk about boring stuff that don't make eye-popping headlines, like healthcare and infrastructure.

But, we have to agree about what you said about the media's controlling force - all financially driven.

The party of Spiro Agnew - always divisive.

Divide and conquer now ramped up a few notches. Americans don't seem to care, with many enjoying the game.

It's a whole lot easier when...

you have a billionaire-sponsored hard right-wing cable TV network and hundreds of talk radio stations supporting your bullshit, and having spewed their propaganda for decades. We now have millions of brainwashed souls.

Democrats have little of no parallel media voice. Plus, it's really hard to sensationalize and fear-monger when your dealing out facts, compassion and reason!
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