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Gender: Male
Hometown: TN, KY
Home country: USA
Current location: KY
Member since: Thu Jul 6, 2017, 07:43 PM
Number of posts: 14,337

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Thanks for the good info. All sounds very reasonable.

Not always easy to know about any insurgents (overt or covert) in these villages.

Sounded like someone ratted them out and called in the bad guys.

If we attack NK, China will move in almost immediately.

They will not allow US boots on that ground. China wants NK there, and secure as an ally to be a buffer to South Korea.

Under the right wind conditions, nuclear fallout could just as easily drift onto South Korea or Japan.

People thumping the war drums also forget that China can take our economy and South Korea's down very quickly if push comes to shove.

Well, Brewens if the Repugs have their way, they will then have a clue.

It will take time because Republicans know they can't take too much too fast, or there would be mass rebellion. In time, though, their actions will sink in.

As I understand it, they want no pensions (all retirement funds invested in risky Wall Street stuff), no safety net, a free for all health care system, little or no home ownership (everything rented), no safety or environmental laws to protect workers, and the list goes on and on.

I'm afraid we won't see substantial change until enough of the public suffers enough to throw them out. Very sad times! I have friends in similar situations to the ones you described, with some dependent on VA pensions and healthcare, or Medicaid disability. My wife and I are dependent on SS and Medicare.

Where the hell do they think people will go without those programs? Maybe they don't care.

Unblock, thanks again. That clears things up a lot and....

it helped me recall things read years ago, especially about Apple.

I can easily see how if this happened too fast, it could blow up our stock market, since many claim we're in bubble territory now - especially in the tech arena. And, it would force us further into being a renter-only market for housing!

It's also easy to see how Republicans will be encouraged even more to participate in the race to the bottom on corporate taxes relative to the rest of the world, further damaging our social safety net.

Quite arrogant of them to argue this will help the average worker and consumer.

Good job!

I try to remember we're the counter-weight of 40 or so years of right wing propaganda from their think tanks, cable TV and talk radio. So, I think it's so massive in scope, we can only counter one or two points at a time, just as you did.

The positive of all this may be that there's a sector of people who voted Republican that are recent "converts" (not totally brain-washed) that can be brought back into sensibility. Enough of those guys could easily flip an election our way.

The fellow you talked to might just go home and do some research on what you discussed and be on our side next time!

Thank you, that's very informative.

Even I can see possibilities for blowback from our allies overseas, perhaps affecting their potential investments here.

1. Were taxes paid on these monies in the nation where they were earned?
2. Is any of this money profits from US operations that were transferred to overseas subsidiaries to avoid US taxes?
3. Do you think a significant amount of this money would be used to invest in new job producing operations in the US?

Thanks again for your input!

"Fighting for...your right to speak American" ??

That's one of the most ignorant statements I've heard in a while.

Anyone with that level of ignorance of civics, government and American History has no business teaching anything in high school.

Rep. Cummings' House Oversight twitter feed is....

a virtual catalog of Republican hypocrisy. And, there's little indication they give a shit.

Ten months into #Trump Admin & House GOP still haven't held a single substantive oversight hearing on clear abuses by #POTUS or top aides.

Yes, we were country kids playing pranks. Hurt more feelings than property.

I think we at least had moral boundaries back then (50s & 60s) that may not be there anymore. We need to somehow reverse that, assuming it's the case.

At least six families' lives ruined.

Juvenile testosterone run rampant with follow-the-leader actions. Brings back memories of stupid stuff I did as a kid.

Would be interesting to see their social media texts before this incident.
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