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Member since: Fri Jun 30, 2017, 03:41 PM
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Chris is the one that is rattled.

His voice is quivering. He knows he has lost control of this thing.

I'm mystified why Rs claim SC appointments and confirmations as huge achievements for Trump

Yes, the balance of power will have shifted, but why do they hold this up as some major accomplishment for Trump? There was no effort, courage or skill involved. Just good luck on timing on their part with RGB, ratfuckery on Gorsuch and shady dealings with Kennedy's retirement for Kavanaugh. Nominating SC justices are what presidents are empoweed to do when they die or retire and Trump has had a Republican Senate. Big whoop.

I will need to stay off DU for a few days.

I did that when Kennedy announced his retirement. SC news is just too much for me to bear. Real life or death stuff. Not putting my head in the sand, but the discourse on this will be just too much for me to handle. Need to watch my mental health. I mean it. Will be back in a few days. Ugh.
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