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NCDem47's Journal
NCDem47's Journal
August 8, 2020

I feel a little less hopeful today.

Yeah, one of THOSE posts.

The ratfuckery going on by Trump and Republicans is off the charts. Today was brutal for me.

I realize Democrats will have good and bad days/weeks and so will the opposition.

At the start of this week Trump was in the crapper in poll after poll and anyone with two brain cells could tell that the Swan interview was a disaster of historic proportions. To offset that, the crazy came back with vegence.

Trump and the executive orders. Russia and the election. Republicans and Kayne West and Green Party "candidates." Trump, Republicans and Russia and social media. Continued Trump and Republican inaction on COVID-19. Trump and the Post Office. Trump and Republican distorted political ads. Trump and Republicans trolling the left with glee and passion to trigger hysteria amongst the libs. And on. And on. And on.

A tsunami of shit hit our shores (again) and we're up to our necks in it. I mean, that's what we get with a chaos presidency.

I honestly feel that Trump can break any law between now and November 3 and the taunt will be "Whatcha going to do about it? I'm president and you're not." I feel the "never ask permission, never apologize" asshole factor will soar to new heights that will shock---I mean SHOCK---Americans in its brazeness.

I knew this was going to get ugly, but it my own naive way, I'm still not prepared.

Keep up the fight.

August 7, 2020

Are D governors in PA, MI, WI, NC helping to keep Trump's approval numbers down in those states?

This might be obvious. Residents in those states have the opportunity to see Democratic policies, values and leadership in action from the top. Such contrast to Trump. Will homefield advantage by Democrat governors make a difference this November?

I believe all of the governships might have been Republicans in 2016 when Trump won all of those states.

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