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Member since: Fri Jun 30, 2017, 03:41 PM
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Portland: What if Trump/Barr/Wolf own it and double down?

This operation totally fits Trump's "law and order" narrative. Big red meat to the base. We (Democrats/liberals) starting raising heck about the shadowy force and now this opens a national platform for them (Republicans/conservatives) to dominate messaging.

Trump or Barr could always say "Liberal anarchists were overtaking Portland. We had to do something. Our show of prescence will remain in Portland and I'll do the same in any city that I see that has the same problem." Totally own it and don't apologize for their tactics, twisting themselves in pretzels with legal justification.

Right on cue. Republicans now falling over themselves to look engaged on COVID-19.

They see the polls (sad that THAT was the impetus for action). COVID-19 response by Republicans has been a disaster and most on the political spectrum know it and are laying blame at their feet. R governors and senators now have motivation to address and advocate closures, testing, masks, social distancing, etc. after first villfying those measures in black-and-white terms as an assault on the economy and personal freedom.

Oh, they'll put on a show for the bare minimum while infections and deaths continue to rise (I'm looking at you Ducey, Abbott, DeSantis, Kemp, McConnell), but they'll stop short of anything meanginful to halt the spread and aid in the long road to recovery. Just saving thier assess for this election cycle.
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