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Member since: Fri Jun 30, 2017, 03:41 PM
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DU, prepare yourselves. I feel MSM will hang on to, and cover, every word Trump utters after Jan. 20

73 million voted for Trump, so they'll rationalize there's a sizeable audience out there who still wants to hear from him. Plus, Jan. 21 starts the countdown to 2024 (which most here agree is a grift and won't happen in the end for a host of reasons). More horse race. More airtime with talking heads disecting all of it. More viewers glued. More ad revenue. It never ends.

Trump is like crack to them. Plus, until he is put in the ground, he...just...won't...shut...up. Even if NY charges come to pass (I'm convinced he will weasel out of Federal charges), he'll be right back in the headlines. Didn't Trump once say that any publicity is good publicity?

It'll take the powers of Zen to tune him out.

Hope I'm wrong and his LACK of coverage sends him to total irrelevancy.

Trump: Fake it until you make it.

Bluster and bullshit have carried him this far. Why stop now?

His psychopathic nature will not allow him to surrender an inch. Only the weight of reality will eventually crush him. And even then, he'll think he has a bargaining chip, perpetuating the cycle that he wins even when he looses. On to the next grift.

I have no doubt that he's going to try and take this to the max. In his mind, there's always another way out. One more play to slip by.

He simply can't afford to NOT be President.

Well, the resistance have a say in that.

After watching 60 Minutes piece on COVID-19 vaccine...

Iím waiting for Trumpanzees next year to say, ďYou can thank President Trump for that!Ē

Yeah, like he was Marie Curie in the lab.

If you regularly watch Bill Maher, what mood do you think he'll be in tonight?

I think while heíll be pleased with the direction of the vote, but heíll bitch that Biden and Dems didnít crush Trump and Republicans. Heíll blame deplorables first, but Dems will get his ire too. We didnít do enough. Bidenís win wasnít convincing enough.

And heíll drone on (again) that Trump wonít leave and no one has a plan to kick him out when the time comes.
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