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Member since: Fri Jun 30, 2017, 03:41 PM
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We joke about fumigating the White House after Trump leaves.

But the threat is real.

The symbolism of having to deep clean the WH of coronavirus. Rid this place (the WH and America) of that trash.

WASHINGTON Ė Itís a ritual carried out with precision each time a new first family moves into the White House.

In just six hours on Inauguration Day, belongings of a departing president's family are moved out, carpets are cleaned, furniture is rearranged, fresh art is hung and the executive mansion is transformed for its new residents before they set foot inside.

But staff tasked with preparing the executive mansion for the arrival Jan. 20 of President-elect Joe Biden and his family will do so under extraordinary circumstances: the COVID-19 contagion that has already infected departing President Donald Trump, first lady Melania Trump and multiple White House staffers.

When someone working in a school, business, library or other public building tests positive for coronavirus or is even suspected of contracting the disease, the property owners or managers often respond by ordering the structure to undergo what is known as a "deep cleaning" Ė a process in which highly specialized contractors are brought in to eradicate the virus with botanical disinfectants.

But neither the White House nor the General Services Administration, the government agency that manages federal facilities, would say what precautions, if any, would be taken to make sure the presidential mansion is coronavirus-free before the Bidens arrive.

"For security purposes, GSA is not able to comment on services provided," said a spokesperson for the agency, which is responsible for helping get the East and West Wings ready for the incoming administration.

The job of prepping the mansionís residential quarters for the new occupants falls to the White House chief usherís office, which oversees the complexís household staff and operations. The current chief usher is Timothy Harleth, who worked at the Trump International Hotel in Washington before Melania Trump tapped him for the White House job in 2017.

The first ladyís office did not respond to multiple questions about whether any anti-coronavirus measures would be taken to prepare the White House residence for the Bidens.

Sheldon Yellen, who operates a multinational property restoration company that has performed deep cleanings for thousands of clients since the coronavirus pandemic struck, advises giving the same cleansing treatment to a home before new occupants move in.

"If I were buying a new house right now or I were moving into a new house, I would surely want my new house thoroughly treated and cleaned," said Yellen, chief executive officer of Belfor Property Restoration in Birmingham, Michigan.


DU, prepare yourselves. I feel MSM will hang on to, and cover, every word Trump utters after Jan. 20

73 million voted for Trump, so they'll rationalize there's a sizeable audience out there who still wants to hear from him. Plus, Jan. 21 starts the countdown to 2024 (which most here agree is a grift and won't happen in the end for a host of reasons). More horse race. More airtime with talking heads disecting all of it. More viewers glued. More ad revenue. It never ends.

Trump is like crack to them. Plus, until he is put in the ground, he...just...won't...shut...up. Even if NY charges come to pass (I'm convinced he will weasel out of Federal charges), he'll be right back in the headlines. Didn't Trump once say that any publicity is good publicity?

It'll take the powers of Zen to tune him out.

Hope I'm wrong and his LACK of coverage sends him to total irrelevancy.

Trump: Fake it until you make it.

Bluster and bullshit have carried him this far. Why stop now?

His psychopathic nature will not allow him to surrender an inch. Only the weight of reality will eventually crush him. And even then, he'll think he has a bargaining chip, perpetuating the cycle that he wins even when he looses. On to the next grift.

I have no doubt that he's going to try and take this to the max. In his mind, there's always another way out. One more play to slip by.

He simply can't afford to NOT be President.

Well, the resistance have a say in that.

After watching 60 Minutes piece on COVID-19 vaccine...

Iím waiting for Trumpanzees next year to say, ďYou can thank President Trump for that!Ē

Yeah, like he was Marie Curie in the lab.

If you regularly watch Bill Maher, what mood do you think he'll be in tonight?

I think while heíll be pleased with the direction of the vote, but heíll bitch that Biden and Dems didnít crush Trump and Republicans. Heíll blame deplorables first, but Dems will get his ire too. We didnít do enough. Bidenís win wasnít convincing enough.

And heíll drone on (again) that Trump wonít leave and no one has a plan to kick him out when the time comes.

Chris is the one that is rattled.

His voice is quivering. He knows he has lost control of this thing.

I'm mystified why Rs claim SC appointments and confirmations as huge achievements for Trump

Yes, the balance of power will have shifted, but why do they hold this up as some major accomplishment for Trump? There was no effort, courage or skill involved. Just good luck on timing on their part with RGB, ratfuckery on Gorsuch and shady dealings with Kennedy's retirement for Kavanaugh. Nominating SC justices are what presidents are empoweed to do when they die or retire and Trump has had a Republican Senate. Big whoop.

I will need to stay off DU for a few days.

I did that when Kennedy announced his retirement. SC news is just too much for me to bear. Real life or death stuff. Not putting my head in the sand, but the discourse on this will be just too much for me to handle. Need to watch my mental health. I mean it. Will be back in a few days. Ugh.

I feel a little less hopeful today.

Yeah, one of THOSE posts.

The ratfuckery going on by Trump and Republicans is off the charts. Today was brutal for me.

I realize Democrats will have good and bad days/weeks and so will the opposition.

At the start of this week Trump was in the crapper in poll after poll and anyone with two brain cells could tell that the Swan interview was a disaster of historic proportions. To offset that, the crazy came back with vegence.

Trump and the executive orders. Russia and the election. Republicans and Kayne West and Green Party "candidates." Trump, Republicans and Russia and social media. Continued Trump and Republican inaction on COVID-19. Trump and the Post Office. Trump and Republican distorted political ads. Trump and Republicans trolling the left with glee and passion to trigger hysteria amongst the libs. And on. And on. And on.

A tsunami of shit hit our shores (again) and we're up to our necks in it. I mean, that's what we get with a chaos presidency.

I honestly feel that Trump can break any law between now and November 3 and the taunt will be "Whatcha going to do about it? I'm president and you're not." I feel the "never ask permission, never apologize" asshole factor will soar to new heights that will shock---I mean SHOCK---Americans in its brazeness.

I knew this was going to get ugly, but it my own naive way, I'm still not prepared.

Keep up the fight.

Are D governors in PA, MI, WI, NC helping to keep Trump's approval numbers down in those states?

This might be obvious. Residents in those states have the opportunity to see Democratic policies, values and leadership in action from the top. Such contrast to Trump. Will homefield advantage by Democrat governors make a difference this November?

I believe all of the governships might have been Republicans in 2016 when Trump won all of those states.

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