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Trump is such a child. I have proof!


I just couldn't make it through Handmaid's Tale

I know. I'm late to this party.

I finally got around to a free trial on Hulu just to binge watch this series.

I had to turn it off in the third episode of season one. It was simply too depressing, dark, and frankly, all too realistic in foretelling what our country can slide into. It truly terrified me and I'm sure that was what the the actors and producers intended. With the Kavanaugh confirmation going on and all of the Republican and evangelical bullshit flying around now, Handmaid's Tale just gave me chills. So, I surfed elsewhere and revisited The West Wing series. Sigh.

I will say that HT made me think of an escape plan if this country truly falls apart. I thought about moving money offshore and how I would get out of the country FAST. It did cross my mind.

Should I stay with the series? Does the remainder of season one or season two offer any hope?

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