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Member since: Fri Jun 30, 2017, 03:41 PM
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Helsinki was sooo yesterday. RWs want to talk about Dem opposition to Kavanaugh

No surprises here.

I know someone associated with NRA TV. They werenít allowed to mention Helsinki, Trump, Putin or Russia in the same breath. Didnít help that one of their own, Butina, shared the headlines yesterday with Dear Leader. So, in true deflection mode with their vile base, the ONLY newsworthy item that no one else is covering is why liberals are so hysterical about the Kavanaugh nomination.

True, we Ds need to keep our eyes on all the balls in the air and we fight with authentic passion, but, ALL the world was talking about today was Trumpís Surrender Summitt. WE know how high the stakes are on this one AND the SC nomination.

Watch out. Weapons of mass distraction incoming as we already witnessed this afternoon.
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