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RestoreAmerica2020's Journal
RestoreAmerica2020's Journal
April 28, 2020

By far..the most brutal ad against malevolent imbecile in WH: U.S. leads the world in covd19 cases;

..this is how we crush him with brutal facts, no holds bar on every maldad, [evil deed, behavior] every sexual assault accusation; every scam he's ever done--all of it.. thrown it at him 24/7. This when the go low we go high is bullshit didn't work in 2016, not going to work in 2020. It's not 2008--2016 when we were a kinder, gentler, respectful people..when we had a person at the helm that encompassed all that and more--sadly, we left Eutopia in Jan 2017--now we're in fucking hell!


April 28, 2020

WTF! Dr. Fausi warned in adv that someone needed to tell trump, YOU CAN'T DRINK THE BLEACH!


Apparently, a number of White House officials had deep concerns about this demonstration of cleaning something being taken in front of Donald Trump. Several people seemed to believe that Bryan had a lot of information in his presentation, and that the whole thing “was not ready” to go in front of Trump. Dr. Fauci seems to have predicted where Trump would take it, with worries the presentation might be taken as “the cure for humans.

April 5, 2020


Honore has been consistent in sounding the alarm that what tRump and his sycophants [my words not his] are doing to remediate Covd-19 response S NOT working; has,stressed that urgency is needed now to protect the American people.

Current Worldmeter data as of April 5, 2020 @ 1400 United States Coronavirus Cases:312,207 Deaths: 8,472


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