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Member since: Fri Jun 16, 2017, 06:19 PM
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What was it that Clarence Thomas said....

....when confronted with accusations of sexual impropriety ?
He protested that the hearings were a "lynching", using a racially
loaded term to put change the subject and become the victim.
Look for Kavenaugh to have some sanctimonious rebuttal ready
when the left side of the committee bench starts asking about
things too "personal", like his gambling, drinking and the other thing
about barnyard animals.

What about the members of Joel Osteen's congregation?

They have thousands who show up every Sunday.
How many came to their own church looking for shelter
or some other help and found the doors locked? What do
they have to say about their pastor now? How about the
gospel of prosperity that he espouses?

Does Mike Pence Straighten His Hair?

I just came across a photo of Pence with Ronald Reagan in 1988.
It naturally showed a much younger man, 29 years ago, with dark,
very curly hair, and the article described him then as an Irish-Catholic,
second generation American. I know that hair can change with age, but
I suspect that Pence, when he gave up Catholicism to become an Evangelical
Christian, also decided to hide his ethnic roots and appear more WASPish
by "processing" his curly hair. What do you think?

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