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Member since: Mon Jun 12, 2017, 02:47 PM
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Impeachment isn't enough. We need a CONVICTION.

We have to GOTV next year so we have a Dem majority and impeachment, no....not just impeachment, but PROSECUTION.

Bill Clinton was impeached. That means nothing.


I mean it. Because I can't take this anymore.

THIS is why Drumpf said he's not planning to fire Mueller


He's planning to fire Mueller's boss.

Trump will have a hard time stopping Russia probe even if he fires Mueller


Democrats, for their part, have been arguing for months that Congress needs to act to pass additional protections for Mueller. But our review of the history of special prosecutor investigations suggests that Mueller’s investigation is more secure than it might seem — and that more protections don’t necessarily produce more effective prosecutions.

If sex with minors is ok, then so is collusion with Russia

Roy Moore is going to win, that much is certain.

But I'm worried that all of these investigations into Russian interference with the election is all for naught. Integrity has gone out the window now, and everything is ok (for republicans, anyway).

Barack Obama speaks in India happening now

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