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Member since: Thu Jun 8, 2017, 10:22 AM
Number of posts: 312

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We Need The CDO Number On Trumpcare

Congressional Deathtoll Office. How many will they kill? We have a right to know.

When You Mess With

People called goons.....

Don't complain when they destroy your empire built on lies, fraud, and screwing over every one you ever did business with.

When The Economy Collapsed In 2008 And Obama Was Elected Republicans Did All They Could

To "make Obama fail". And I will never forgive them for their treasonous actions.

I own my own business, and did not make enough money to cover expenses during the recession. Every day I went farther into debt, and the entire Republican Party was doing all they could to make sure the economy didn't get any better, so we could blame Obama. From voting lock step against the stimulus to opposing every measure Obama put forth that could possibly create jobs.

I will never forgive them. When America was going into depression, they were simply trying to make it worse.

I hate Republicans. I hate all Republicans. At work and with my family we "just don't talk politics". My family knows how I feel, and know they can't take me on. My brother in law in "Eastern Washington" told me that "conservatives are worried about the national debt". I told him the wealthy have 50 trillion in the tax havens and if they paid taxes like regular people we could pay off our national debt. That was the end of that.

Name one thing Republicans did to help Obama create jobs I ask them.


Point made.

Every single Republican is a traitor, and I treat them like traitors when I get the chance.

Everyone Understands We Are Being Robbed Right?

My wife's prescription cost under $10 overseas for the same bottle by the same manufacturer that costs over $100 here.

This is only one example. Imagine how much cheaper healthcare would be if the "owners" weren't profiting on every single pill, test, or procedure? The list goes on, and on, and on. What we pay for "service" compared to the rest of the world for better service is sickening. Cable, phone, internet etc.

We are being robbed by monopolies. And worst thing is these monopolies don't pay squat in corporate income tax, and their shareholders don't pay squat, even if they cash in their dividends. Capital gains versus income.

We, us working fools are being robbed every time we turn around.


What can we do about it?
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