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Member since: Wed Jun 7, 2017, 09:20 AM
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Good World News Sources List - Boycotting US Cable News

Tired of the MSNBC & CNN and the parade of familiar talking heads opinions, not news?

Especially lately?

Both are failing the public. Cable news has become nothing more than Corporate-dependant & Liberty Mutual controlled “Poutrage Pushers” to mollify & enrage & hopefully tank any progressive progress.

Corporations like those low taxes folks!

Do you want actual daily world news?

The facts, not a gaggle of outraged talking heads mostly disregarding any sense of historical perspective in their daily doses of opinions not news!


AM - Becky Anderson “Connect the World” reporting for a broader view of world news

Noon MST - Amanpour - mostly informative on a few in-depth stories & mostly just informative but sometimes CNN allows a right winger to spew bs but rarely and easily switched off or fast forwarded.

France 24 - 4PM MST afternoon - Fast paced world news round up & some EU news including Covid updates, often trends headed our way

And for the truly brave, also archived on on YouTube

Amy Goodman “Democracy Now” - A fire hose of what’s happening which can sometimes be grim because so much devastation seems to be happening daily. Nonetheless, very informative.

My nerves at age 73 cannot take the MSNBC & CNN daily doses of what I call “Poutrage” -

Stupid shit that reminds me of Junior High School rumors & cruelty I had no power to change.

MSNBC has become the “Lou Dobbs” of so-called “progressive news” but which literally repeats the same “news items” from 2PM through 11PM, often with the same talking heads chiming in their opinions.

I do like Lawrence O’Donnell who includes historical context and is less bent on promoting Poutrage.

Personally, I’m broken hearted that, with the few exceptions above and a gaggle of Twitter accounts not much news is reported in the USA, just opinions and devisive criticism.

So I’m personally boycotting The 2PM-11pm MSNBC & CNN Poutrage programs until they do a 180 and report news not endless opinions.

I’m mostly disappointed in Rachel Maddow whose reporting literally raises my blood pressure. I just can’t take the Poutrage and it’s attendant sense of powerlessness to stop the dystopian train wreck projected in the “reporting” 😒😫🤢🤯

Granted, Rachel is a really good person and I own her books, each well done! I like Rachel the person.

But the emotional toll of the Poutrage is just not good for my health or sleep.

Try focusing on how you feel when watching. Is the objective meant to launch powerless Poutrage?

Perhaps, if enough people boycott, new sponsors can be found, the jerks controlling content will be fired, and We the People can receive quality reporting not the same repeated clips in each of the 6-7 programs running from 2PM-11pM. So lazy!

I’m sleeping better since I began my boycott, btw.
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