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OhNo-Really's Journal
OhNo-Really's Journal
November 7, 2020

Social Responsibility is NOT Socialism

Use this retort when “socialism” is tossed in your face.

Ask the person:

Is shackling students with life-long debt socially responsible?

Is letting people go hungry socially responsible?

Is jailing the mentally ill in for-profit prisons socially responsible?

Is paying teachers less than a living wage socially responsible!

Homeless vets?

Hungry elderly?

A mans wage unable to support his family!

Cold blooded murder of black brothers & sisters?

Little to no mental health services available?

Unsafe infrastructure?

Little investment in renewable energy?

The list is long. Maybe try finding the persons hot button. Got grandkids? Yes? Want them to have clean air? Water? Safe food? Would that be socialism or social Responsibility?

It’s time for America to embrace Social Responsibility!

Social Responsibility improves life for everyone! It reduces crime! It creates innovation!

So the next time someone tosses socialism in your face, whip out the questions and make the point.

Social Responsibility is a win win for all

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