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Member since: Wed Jun 7, 2017, 08:20 AM
Number of posts: 3,176

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Wall Streets Death Bonds

Death bonds pay investors when the Insured (you) dies!

All across America Death Bonds aka Death Derivatives are bundled and sold to Pension Funds etc. world wide.

A good explanation even with a bit of an accent.

In-depth explanation here:

Wall Street banks, beaten down by the financial crisis of 2008, and propped up by government bailout money looked to get their securitization machines humming again.

USING LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES. You sell your policy, investor buys and pays the policy premiums until you die. Investor gets full value of the policy.

The sooner you die, the more the investor earns.

Personally, I find this repulsive, ghoulish, and possibly dangerous.


Look for new

“Hey, need cash for that trip you’ve always dreamed of?”

adds to start popping up on the Lou Dobbs Show!

But wait, there’s more!

Some investors will pay you to open a new life insurance policy. You get cash up front and the investor hopes you die sooner.

And this is legal. If you dare to trust the investor.


Unasked Covid19 Questions: What happens when...?

What happens to a previously healthy Covid19 survivor whose lungs become damaged?

Does the lung-damaged survivor move into the at-risk pool if reinfected?

And, if so, how many waves of Covid19 can survivors withstand?

Are we convinced that Covid19 immunity is attained after first infection?

I wish these questions could be addressed by the experts.

Or is it too soon to say? And if it’s too soon to say, then maybe survivors could be convinced to modify their behaviors on the side of extra caution until the experts have enough clinical data to make sound analyses.

Thank you for listening fellow Shut Ins.

Green, The Healing Color - A 20 Minute Painting

I dance with paint. I play with paint. I emote.

Spontaneous, lost in that place I am guessing artists go to create. It’s other-worldly.

An exhausting quiet, even silent, respite from the worries, from the inevitable forever whispering “m o r t a l i t y”. The morbid drama beckoning.

I am not an artist. Playing with paint, unfettered by a moment of training, is one of those freedom past times retirement affords.

“Fireflies” reflects childhood memories of the forest hugging our family ocean cabin. It would firefly glow at night. I miss them all so much. Lone Survivor Syndrome 😢

Beneath this Green Celebration you will find a picture of how this 16” x 20” painting emerged.

In these trying times, finding a creative emotional outlet can be positively cathartic

We just have to dare to try. The process is a joyful respite! A warm memory in full view, a lovely surprise.

The process

NYC Influenza/Pneumonia Hospital Admission Statistics 10/1/2019 - Yesterday

You can find these data and more in the “daily syndromic and case data” section here:



The complete NYC Covid-10 info is here:


Please be safe!

I Hate Gotham Steel - Thank God for Recording/Fast Forward

Does CNN own this product? How can 2 pans, free shipping @ $19.99 afford 24/7 7days/week advertising

Ok just venting because ISOLATION

And I hate Mitch McConnell.

Holding people facing hunger and homelessness hostage so greedy corporations can get billions?

Seriously depraved!

My Town is Doomed

Check this out. People are not taking this seriously. My state hasn’t enacted a ‘stay at home directive’


People need to care about others and stop this

"Confusion Hides Sin" - Congress Needs Many Small Bills

No one trusts this Senate etc

First why not a bill for just the unemployed?

Once people are stable, address small businesses

Lastly, a loan bill for each market

Smaller bills are more easily monitored, easier to understand and pass.

I saw The One Huge Bill as a mistake in 2008.

NDAA 2012 - How Quickly We Forget

Habeus Corpus bit the bullet in 2012! Posse Comitatus has been wounded as well. Need proof? Read


Bill Barr is just a very knowledgeable and dangerous copy cat hoping we have no memory!

In 2011 a compilation of many behind the scenes action & laws was created to help the future understand in case the USA devolved.

For a deep deep DEEP dive into how our rights have deteriorated since 911 bookmark this tome with a zillion links to laws & new military rules of engagement IN US soul.



Note: My list of mean, condescending members is long....☺️

The RW Wheeler & Dealers - A graphic display


Notice that both Rush & Sean connected to

The Heritage Foundation

Wow! Covid-19 First Hand Japan Hospital Account

This is David & Sally’s explanation of how the corona virus took hold of them. The symptoms and dealing with the disease on a daily basis. 30 days in a Japanese hospital - and still counting!

Better yet, this good unassuming man shares a breathing technique that he claims helped him avoid being put on a respirator!

First up “The First Hand Story” told by David & Sally

At about minute 20:00 David shares how he used an EFT breathing technique to avoid being put on a respirator

The technique is called EFT Breathing as taught by Gary Craig and demonstrated in this video

However, this breathing technique is used in conjunction with EFT “tapping technique” taught in this Free pdf book at this link.


There are also lots of EFT training videos by Gary on YouTube - search for Emofree

I will share that I do yoga breathing or pranayama and at age 72 can swim very long distances without getting winded. I can out distance swim all my grandchildren so I believe David!

I attribute this stamina to breathing exercises and a dose of good luck. I was a light smoker on and off for years & have scarred lung from bouts of childhood pneumonia.

So don’t offhand poo poo David’s EFT breathing claim. Do all you can to improve your lung health and capacity now to improve your Covid-19 prognosis!

Perhaps dedicating some daily quarantine to learning and practicing deep breathing can prove helpful as we face this Covid-19.

Here’s my favorite stress reduction pranayama - Alternative Nostril Breathing

I am also spending a half an isolated hour a day loudly singing & then dancing to the oldies for an hour (more fun than walking and counts as steps on my FitBit) to help with breath control & aerobic heart health using my FitBit to not overdue it.

FitBit 3 is my exercise lifesaver because of a bit of a heart issue.

Please be safe, seek gratitude to soothe your emotions and with love filling your heart



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