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Member since: Wed Jun 7, 2017, 08:20 AM
Number of posts: 3,446

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Voter Revolution To End Trump Devolution.

It is time to register everyone you know so we can kick some Midterm elections before this country is turned into


by the right wing crazies and their 1% Elite financiers...oh and The Russian mob.

The People must be represented again.

Rare Snowfall in Rome, 2017 Permafrost Report Video & Bonus Features

The Permafrost Video explains the snow in Rome. The bonus features do, too.

Show these to the climate change deniers in your circle. Seriously, this is our biggest threat. We need change asap.


Enjoy a peaceful moment, information warriors. Definitly check out the mesmerizing University of Utah animated atmospheric map at the end. Fascinating.

2018 Snow storm


Cue the climate deniers.

Speaking of which, here is the 2017 SWIPA REPORT. This video perfectly explains this years cold weather in the south east and warm weather in the west. Winter didn’t really arrive until a week ago here in Utah. We were at 65% snowpack, not good.


If you watched the SWIPA VID, you have seen how warming arctic waters are causing quirky jet stream patters.

Watching jetstream patterns interested me since 2011 because….

Anyway, here is a link to Interactive SQUALL, an interactive jetstream map in real time by San Francisco State University

I love this jetstream map. It has archived records that date back to 2015.

The University of Utah has a kickbutt, beautiful, in color, animated weather map site as well.

Click below for a trippy visual presentation.


Click and drag to move

Did Mona Cheran Pull Off a CPAC PR Stunt to Sell Her New Book? NYTimes Today

A humorous look at what very well could have been a PR stunt by Ms Cheran's to sell her new book

It's too hard to copy the text. For a chuckle, a really fu ny video, and discussion, read:


DKOS: RU Over 50? This Nostalgic History Will Soothe Your Heart

PLEASE HELP SPREAD THIS FAR AND WIDE. Tweet, facebook, email, etc

This article has relieved my heart with the most perfectly written description of our American life, and its decline since the 1950s

So, I write a lot. Over 400 poems. Over 900 research articles. Yaddy yadda....

Still, I couldn't find the words to squeeze a rats nest of emotional constipation out of my heart to effectively describe how life has changed for me in America since my 1950s childhood.

The article below cleared my heart, it will help you, too.

The comments are as worthwhile a read as the article. Our voices!

Also, sharing this article with your kids and grandkids will be a window for them into your heart, as well.

THE ARTICLE, snippets

Meanwhile, In My Facebook Feed

"I found the picture in my Facebook feed, one of those things that gets passed around. What you see below is my response to it.

Excuse me for pointing this out, but those kids in that painting from long ago are the ones who grew up and are running this country now. So, maybe reciting the Pledge of Allegiance wasn't quite the magic spell so many would like it to be.

And let's think about a few more things. It's likely those kids parents were the people who won World War II. They had things like the G.I. Bill to get them off to a good start, buy a home, an education.

They were living in a country with strong unions, so they had a shot at a good paying job with benefits. America was one of the few industrialized nations with an intact industrial base after the war - we were yet to find ourselves in competition with other countries, and we weren't yet in a race to the bottom with jobs being shipped overseas.

The rich paid their fair share, and the pay gap between the shop floor and the executive suite was a lot smaller. There were thousands of businesses across the country in communities of all sizes, instead of a handful of giant corporations dominating the economy - and the attention of our politicians.

There was a revolution going on in science - a pay off from all that war research spending, and a government that supported science. It was also a benefit from all those G.I. Bill college graduates who were able to unlock their talents and put them to work.

Medicine was undergoing a revolution. Antibiotics were curing once deadly infections. Vaccines were stopping disease in its tracks - this is when the scourge of polio was being ended.

There was no talk radio like there is today - the Fairness Doctrine insured all views got treated with respect. They didn't have multiple cable tv channels, the internet or social media - most people were watching the same shows, hearing the same news.

It might have been a bubble by today's standards, but it was a bubble big enough for everyone…"


ps. I didn't write the article 😘

SCHIFF MEMO: Full page, easy read version

Carter Page FISA FILING TOOK PLACE TWO MONTHS PRIOR TO THE steel Dossier being delivered.

Nunes memo was a fabrication.

Link for easy read, no scribdoc crap


For some crazy reason, you might have to refresh the doc often. Perhaps there is heavy trafftc.

Just go to search window, and hit the search arrow circle when/if pages go black.

OMG. Trump et al are not sleeping well tonight.


DailyKos: VIDEO of The CPAC Ball Buster Surprise

Hats off to Mona Charen, she calls Trump a sexual harrasser in so many awesome words.

And then calls Marian LaPen a Nazi also outloud.

Brave woman seeking absolution?


And was then escorted out of the building and maybe the Republican party, bless her little heart

More details over at DAILY KOS


Videos: Newborn HIPPO Fiona's Special Moments Newly released & ADORABLE - Brain Break

Fiona was prematurely born and nurtured by staff 24 hrs a day for months. She survived

Very heart warming.



A miracle Fiona survived



VIDEOS: Boca, FL Students Walked 10 MILES to Parkland to Protest

The students walked out of their classes around 10 am and headed to Parkland to support the survivors and the push for gun reform.

We can help keep this issue on the front page by reporting everyday.

Find the stories of these brave kids and post.

REC the stories about the student protests.

It is the very least we can do. The NRA is relying on this story to fizzle in time.


We must remain loud every day until the insane US gun laws are changed, our kids are safe at school, and the corrupt puppets in Congress are replaced.

Boca kids, Awesome


I love to hear their demands.


We are gaining momentum. NRA SPONSORS are dropping like flies


We want semi-automatic war weapons removed from stores, websites, gun shows, everywhere.

We want people to take a stand and stop the madness.

Compromise? No more and NEVER AGAIN

Your day is over NRA.

NRA wants a Killpromise and they are stirring up their base.

NRA and GOP belong on the trash heap of history.

Now, how do we engage and lead the heavily armed, fearful haters out of their darkness into the light of humanity?

Here's 100+ Laughs for DU Info Warriors

Click the link to find an infinite number of laugh your tush off Trump toons etc.

Scroll forever.


Get some rest, k. Tomorrow is another day.

It worked for me with ipad and no app.
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