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Member since: Wed Jun 7, 2017, 09:20 AM
Number of posts: 3,552

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That's No Angry Mob, That's My Sister, My Mom, My Daughter, My Son

That's no angry mob! Just ordinary, everyday citizens pushed into action by the threat of a perjurer, partisan, embittered, of questionable moral standing and lacking judicial temperment candidate for Supreme Court being ramrodded by the Senate leadership.

That's my wife, terrified that our girls are unprotected from sexual assault.

That's my niece, raped and left for dead by a group of fraternity drunks.

That's my grandmother, sexually assaulted by a teacher at age 10.

That's my son, sexually assaulted by a priest.

That's my nephew raped by a Boy Scout leader at age 12.

That's my mom sexually assaulted by her employer.

That's me.

THAT'S no angry mob!

Those are people outraged by the 51 Senators who have betrayed all survivors and future victims of sexual assault.

Those are people who are being revictimized by the callous disregard for the millions opposed to the ascension of Brett Kavanaugh to SCOTUS and the sham procedures that enabled this.

Thousands of attorneys, classmates, and even an esteemed former Justice of the Supreme Court implored the President and Senate to withdraw Brett Kavanaugh because of his multiple perjuries and internationally demonstrated lack of impartial, measured judicial temperment.

No! That's no angry liberal, dem mob. That is what Americans standing together looks like.

Get used to it.

That is a spontaneous uprising of millions of citizens from both parties, all races, all religions, all genders excercising a constitutional right to protest an injustice perpetrated by the Senators elected to uphold the Constitution and, at the very least, do no harm.

Get used to it!

Middle Class
People of All Religious Denominations
even Republicans

Standing together in opposition to a Supreme Court Candidate even the Senate Majority Leader didn't want to put forward.

That's No Angry Mob! That's the righteous, justifiable indignation of a people united.

Get used to it!

Justice will prevail.

Fairness for all will prevail.

Injustice, bigotry, hateful policies, and the dismantling of all that is good our ancestors died for in war after war, on the picket lines, and for the right to vote will be defeated.

Get used to it.

We, the good people, will stand up and be heard.

Senate Live Stream, Senator Schumer implored us: If you believe....VOTE


Sorry Fox

Senator Schumer yielded the flor just now

Ugh McConnell speaking......

"V for Vendetta" Now Playing on Netflix as of October 1st

just in case you haven't watched this right-wing dystopian portrayal of an all too familiar nightmare potential scenario.

And have access to Netflix.

Online Senate Calendar is Blank Tomorrow?

Blank Calendar at this link. Actually the rest of today is also blank. Is this a good sign?

Can anyone find what time this Kavanaugh vote is happening. Would like to plan the day.


C-SPAN only has this for Senate tomorrow

Program ID:
Senate Proceeding
Senate Proceeding
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Will Air:
Oct 05, 2018 | 10:00am EDT | C-SPAN 2
Airing Details

I couldn't find any programming for tomorrow.

Scoured the news as well. Norhing.

Anyone having better luck?

Are there any checks and balances re: FBI Kavanaugh One Pager report soon to be locked in a safe?

Will the FBI see this Kavanaugh One Pager before it disappears?

Who produced the soon to be under lock and key Kavanaugh One Pager? FBI or White House?

Not sure why I doubt the integrity of the White House.

"I Went to Georgetown Prep" Sounds Like "Lord of the Flies High"

This is a remarkable inside look at Kavanaugh and Gorsuch Catholic High School. Highly recommended reading.

This article is written by a boy who attended the same Kav high school. His account sounds like suburban version of "Lord of the Flies"

When you believe you are superior and untouchable, the least moral commit heinous crimes.

The allegations against Brett Kavanaugh have been careful to include not only his age at the time of his alleged assault, but the fact that he was a student at Georgetown Prep. Assaults are a pandemic in our culture today, but his alleged actions speak beyond toxic masculinity and the general rape culture that holds all women hostage today. Brett Kavanaugh is a symptom of something worse. He is the fullest expression of elitism blended with misogyny that is cultivated and groomed at private, all-male institutions like Georgetown Prep.

I know because I went there.


I learned a lot from his story. Actually he triggered my elite, priveleged emotional deprivation and, after days of procrastination and pain avoidance, I had to share today here:


Most of these boys are emotionally deprived and feel unsafe. I grew up with boys from waspy New England Prep Schools.

Some become inward and bookish and some become drunks and agressive. A few lose it completely, like Mark Judge. Some survive outwardly unscathed.

But there is never an excuse for harming others! Most don't.

All are sad, if they are honest with themselves.

My Elite Privileged Story. We Were EMOTIONALLY deprived! Boo Hoo

The world is watching how, in a democracy, an entitled white male is being protected from consequences by other entitled white males, even in the face of proven perjury and inspite of many witnesses contradicting his testimony.

True justice seems to only apply to "those people" not born into white male elite legacy privilege.

I grew up with the privileged old money legacy kids. Money kept us out of the courtrooms.

Most of us were hugely emotionally deprived by entitled parents whose heavy-drinking Yacht/Country Club life was more important than our emotional needs. I saw a lot of well-dressed, mostly polite, drunken parents as a child/teenager. It was my normal. We all learned which parents to absolutely avoid.

To add to the emotional deprivation screwed-uppedness, many were pushed to excel in sports and school so the parents could brag over cocktails.

My friends were raised by nannies and babysitters, my parents were an exception. Still, once my siblings and I got our drivers license, like our friends, we were almost completely feral.

Nice cars, club memberships, big boats, weekend 2nd homes at the beach, lake, and/or the slopes for unsupervised parties. How we survived is a miracle. This was before drugs entered the scene, thankfully.

One friend's parents built a large party house for us and supplied kegs of beer. Happy to have survived too many drunken drives home. What were they thinking?

I think the emotional deprivation, high expectations, and financial freedom to do what we pleased, screwed up a lot of my old friends. I lost touch. I moved west, quit drinking alcohol, and raised my family.

There was NO WAY I wanted my kids raised in that drunken melee of emotionally deprived, sometimes hatefully competitive, entitled miscreants.

The emotional deprivation in some ways helps to explain the suppressed anger and lack of empathy resulting in substance abuse and aggression we are learning some elites experience. It is a generational negative trend.

EMOTIONAL DEPRIVATION is the foundation of what ails society whether rich, middle class, or poor imho.

Even well-meaning, loving sober parents are both working at least 40 hours a week or more just to survive thanks to wages frozen in the roaring Reagan rule.

The kids are being raised by others, TV, and social media these days. Too many are emotionally suffering.

This results in parental emotional deprivation. Babies and toddlers can't understand why both mom and dad disappear for 8-10 hours a day! The deep-seated emotional deprivation harm is done before a child can understand the reasons for parents leaving them.

As a survivor of emotional deprivation, I fear for the future. Actually, today society has already dangerously devolved and is armed to the hilt.

I dream of a day when all eyes and resources are focused on raising generations of emotionally fulfilled, empathetic, conscious, free-spirited children provided all the tools they need to create and sustain a fair and balanced society that values one another.

Dignity for all!

GOP Pro-Russian Party of Intrusion, Exclusion, Deception, Obstruction, Destruction (cont'd)









Can you think of more .....tions?

What I cannot figure out is the GOP Long Game. What are today's GOP players' outcome hopes and dreams? Is there a Long Game? What can we do other than vote, rally, and make calls and teach our kids the same?

Are we too afraid to sufficiently push back?

Mother Nature's Rape - Activist SCOTUS Will be an accomplice

There are many important environmental cases working their way to SCOTUS thanks to irresponsible roll backs by this administration


While urban sprawl
mauls Mother Nature's wonder.

The greedy capitalists' sins,
profit and gain,
reign while Chaos grins.

Slowly sowing the seeds of destruction
with a manic push for production;
lulled into carnal security,
too blind to see.

In the end, many will have profited
their temporary gain,
then watch helplessly
their desperate childrens' pain.

Wondering when they could have saved
their tiny ones
from dying of thirst
or a belly full of hunger.

A man will trade his mansion on high
for food and water so his child won't die.

Nothing will escape the planet-wide mistake
of Mother Nature's rape!

copyright 1999

Add that to the list of Reasons to Vote

"It Can Happen Here" by Joe Conason - "It Did Happen Here" by Thinking People Everywhere

This article triggered a memory: A book written by Joe Conason.


The DU article includes this quote from Sinclair Lewis book cover "It Can't Happen Here" written in 1935.

Joe Conason no doubt chose his book title inspired by Sinclair Lewis' book "It Can't Happen Here"

Sinclair Lewis foretold the peril of electing an amoral, rascist, clearly lying dufus, promising poor people the American dream for President.

Conason reflects on the GW Bush Cabal, many of whom were disgruntled Nixonians.

The President in both books is authoritarian.

From Joe Conasons book:

Here's an interesting video


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